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03-25-2014, 10:08 PM
Hello --

Posting at the request of Bruce Wright, Chair of Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling:

Sherwood Hall Lane is scheduled to be repaved from US Route 1 to Fort Hunt Road. VDOT and Fairfax Co DOT have proposed adding bike lanes, a center turn lane, and removing some of the little-used on-street parking, in order to calm traffic. Several local residents are opposing the plan for bike lanes and removal of parking. Please visit the WABA Sherwood Hall Lane alert page (http://org.salsalabs.com/o/451/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=15370) to send a message to Supervisor Hyland, and if you are a constituent, to Senator Puller and Delegate Surovell.

Making Sherwood Hall Lane a more complete street will benefit all users of the road. By reducing the travel lane width, adding a center turn lane, and adding bike lanes, the road will be safer for everyone, including local residents. Residents are opposed to the plan, primarily because of the loss of the parking. A great deal of space is devoted to free parking that very few people use. The same arguments for opposing the bike lanes and retaining on-street parking that were used to oppose the King St. bike plan are being used to oppose the Sherwood Hall Lane plan. Many, many people use this road who do not live in the immediate area and they should to weigh in on this decision.

Bruce Wright
Chairman, FABB

03-26-2014, 10:36 AM
Thanks Bruce. I live 1/2 mile from SHL where my wife was run over by an SUV. I may have already sent a note to my representatives but did so again today. Mt Vernon skews old in terms of demographics. It has the oldest population of any district in Fairfax. Two of my representatives are old and walk with difficulty. They personally must rely on cars to get around. This may affect their perspective. Mount Vernon used to have light traffic but thanks to all the development on US 1 (which they encouraged) and the expansion of Fort Belvoir, this is rapidly changing. A new Mount Vernon is emerging and I hope it doesn't end up looking like Maple Ave in Vienna on a Saturday.

03-26-2014, 11:03 AM
It was interesting looking at the google maps street view of this stretch of road. On the day their images were taken there were no parked cars at all!

08-22-2014, 03:52 PM
Resurrecting an old subject, but I had to drive in on Wednesday. When I rode home, I went further down Ft. Hunt to Sherwood Hall Lane because I needed to get a haircut. I counted 6 different cyclists using it during what would have been the 6pm hour. As a percentage of the road used, I wouldn't be surprised if it was close to that of cars there given there was fairly light traffic. Anyway, it's refreshing to see it is being used.

Now if I could only get them to do something about the wretched conditions of Rt 1's actual pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

08-25-2014, 09:06 AM
The bike lanes could use some prominent markings like green paint. The biggest short coming is that they don't connect to bicycle infrastructure on either end of SHL. I wouldn't be surprised if Fairfax thinks this restriping is the end not the beginning. Since I've lived in Fairfax County for 30 years I can say with confidence that we are about where DC and Arlington were in 1984 with regard to infrastructure and, more important, active transport mentality. One of my representatives is young (30s) and rode his bike across the US. The others are old and in not-so-good physical shape. I doubt they "get" this everyday bicycling thing.

09-18-2014, 09:52 AM
Just an fyi, Oct 9th they're doing multimodal transportation meeting at county building off Rt 1 6pm-8pm. I posted it by accident in another forum.

It's about the future of Rt 1 from Huntington down to Woodbridge. I have a lot of suggestions for them so I'm thinking I may try to go depending upon ability to get off work in time, no Nats playoff game that night, etc.