View Full Version : Klein Pulse Comp w/ Marzocchi Z3, LX/XT, Syncros, Terry saddle

01-25-2014, 01:04 AM
I'm not riding it lately and don't see that happening soon, so I'm selling my Klein Pulse Comp. Asking $300.

Size: 20" or "Medium" with a 23" level top tube. I'm 6' and it's about right with the long seatpost and stem. It could fit someone shorter but not taller.

It's a '95 or '96 model, purchased new by me from Rainbow Bikes in Laguna Beach, CA. I've ridden it all over the US. It's in good shape, and a serviceable daily rider. It's a bit scratched up but there are NO DENTS. The frame is a great platform for a light race bike. The fork is only about 3 years old -- a lucky New Old Stock find.

The brakes are newish and in top shape, properly adjusted and stop as well as anything. The wheels and tires (Bontrager ST2) are in good shape. The saddle is rustic but intact and comfortable. Running gear is 8sp LX but the derailers are XT, with an Avid Rollamajig on the rear.

Maybe needs a front derailer adjustment and fork oil change, and the pedals are fairly worn (Shimano 525/535). Otherwise great.

I'm in Alexandria near TC Williams High School. PM with interest. It's going on eBay but I'd rather sell locally, and avoid the hassle of shipping.

More pictures here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/114886398079853193430/albums/5797520847364544241