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04-15-2011, 11:04 PM
Charity Bike Tours in cooperation with the Knights of Columbus is forming now, a group ride to benefit the livestrong campaign. We will be riding from York town along the transamerican bike trail to the western express to San Francisco.

WHEN: Depart on 20 June from York Town
Intermediate stop: 4th of July Weekend Kansas city where a media event is in the planning
Length of trip: plan on 6 weeks but can take as long as 8. some have done it in 5.
SUPPORT: Semi-Supported.....You will have to carry the basics, but there will be some donated overnight stays

Riders do not have to join the fundraising to ride. If you want to join the fundraising team, please use this weblink: http://grassroots2011.livestrong.org/emjo

If you wish to simply join for the adventure, or support us in some way, please contact me at http://www.charitybiketour.org or ed@charitybiketour.org