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11-28-2013, 08:11 PM
So this weekend is the once-a-year sale at the bike shop (http://www.proteusbicycles.com/shop-blog/). It's an awesome time. Way better to kick back at the bike shop and drink coffee and tea between test rides than fight traffic at the mall.

Last year, I had great fun as sort of the Walmart greeter, explaining how the sale works and doing triage to point people toward bikes for testing and get them started.

Here are some highlights from this year.

First, there are some interesting 2012 bikes at 50% off, although the size distribution is sort of bimodal: several for smallish folks, including a medium (women's) Felt ZW5 and a 48 Jamis Nova Race, and a few in the large 58-59cm range. Probably the best value of all is a 58 Jamis Ventura Race 105, with carbon seat stays, fork and seatpost. That's a really nice riding sport road bike. There's also a 59cm Jake the Snake. Several Kona and Jamis hardtail MTBs for entry level trail riding too.

There are also some 2013 demo bikes on 25% off, including a 56cm Felt York city bike (two speed kickback internal hub), a 19" Kona Big Kahuna hardtail 29er, and a 19" Kona Hei Hei full suspension 29er.

All the remaining bikes in stock are 10-20% off, including kids bikes, BMX, some sweet commute bikes in all sizes, all the CX bikes, and all of the new 2014s that are starting to come in. Some of my favorites are the Jamis Icon (road/race), the Kona Jake and Rove (CX/tour), the Bianchi Impulso and Campione road bikes, and Volpe, which is sort of an everything bike. Some of the coolest looking 2014s (not all sizes necessarily in yet) are the Jamis Xenith Endura and the Bianchi Intenso and Sempre. Some of the interesting MTBs for 2014 are mid wheel size (between 26" and 29er): the Jamis Dragon Sport 27.5" (ok they use the 650b description) and the Kona 27.5" Precept and Cinder Cone.

Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to bike shop -- the weather's going to be cool but calm and sunny, lots of bike shops have clearance sales, and the shops won't be too busy with repair dropoffs or pickups this time of year, so all the mechanics will be on duty to answer your questions and do set ups for testing.

Plus, if you get cold on test rides, all the winter jerseys and jackets are 20% off too!


11-29-2013, 08:28 AM
Hope you get lots of traffic!

11-30-2013, 09:25 PM
Hope you get lots of traffic!

Thanks! It's so fun when people happen upon the perfect bike. Most of the 2012s are gone now -- there's one Kona Dew Plus 46cm for a smaller rider and a handful of entry level mountain bikes from Kona and Jamis, all hardtails, remaining at 50% off.

I put up a picture album from Friday on the FB page showing all the happy new owners (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.575579189175469.1073741904.307014479365276&type=1).

11-30-2013, 10:24 PM
... there's one Kona Dew Plus 46cm for a smaller rider... remaining at 50% off.


Lordofthemark, you should take a drive to MD.

12-02-2013, 08:08 PM
Lordofthemark, you should take a drive to MD.

Nah, lord did it right -- went to a great, trusted bike shop nearby and got fitted properly. Bargain hunting is fun, but the getting the right fit is non-negotiable!

The sale went great, cheers!