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10-07-2013, 09:02 PM
GapBuster, Inc.’s “Enlightenment Bike Shop” to ride again with grand reopening
and ribboncutting ceremony

After three years of unuse, the doors of GapBuster, Inc.’s Enlightenment Bike Shop will finally be
reopened. GapBuster Inc., partnered with Proteus Bicycles, Community Forklift, League of
United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council 21006, and the University of Maryland Bike
Shop, will be holding a grand reopening of the facility with an official ribboncutting
ceremony on Wednesday, October 9 at the Center for Educational Partnership (CEP) building
located at 6200 Sheridan Street, Riverdale, MD 20737 at 5:00 pm..

The ribboncutting ceremony at GapBuster’s headquarters in the CEP building will include a
thank you from students, some of whom started working in the shop during their elementary
school years, as well as a slideshow of what youth in the shop have already accomplished.
Additionally, the Enlightenment Bike Shop will be giving away free bikes, which can be picked up
after completion of a bike safety course.

Formerly called the “Renaissance Bike Shop,” the Enlightenment Bike Shop was created in 2004
with the opening of the University of Maryland’s Center for Educational Partnership building. The
facility provided services for youth in the community, including teaching mechanical skills
through building bicycles from scrap parts. “The bike shop was a treasure...keeping youth off the
streets and positively engaged with others from the community,” said Dr. Yvette Butler, Founder
and Executive Director of GapBuster, Inc. The shop, which was run by the University of Maryland
Extension and MMYC, lost funding and sponsorship three years ago and closed its doors.

At the Riverdale/Bladensburg Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative meeting in spring of 2013,
students who were involved since elementary and middle school during the bike shop’s initial
opening lobbied for reopening the shop, to serve youth in the area and build partnerships
between organizations and businesses. “[The bike shop] is a great place to go and learn how to
fix your own bike,” said Yostin Huerta, a senior who began working there in the sixth grade. “You
engage time fixing bikes instead of being in the street.”

The Enlightenment Bike Shop will be an integral component of GapBuster’s LeadersinTraining
(LIT) after school program, as well as the organization’s 21st Century Community Learning

GapBuster has been able to reopen the bike shop due to support from the League of United Latin
American Citizens (LULAC) and funding from Council Member Eric Olson. Significant support
has come from our partnership with Proteus Bicycles and Community Forklift.
GapBuster is currently accepting donations of bikes and helmets.

GapBuster, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the community
through education. GapBuster Learning Center, as part of GapBuster Inc., provides
programming for students in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties in the forms of
afterschool leadership development, a junior chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers,
several types of college preparation, and dropout prevention programs.
GapBuster Learning Center strives to enable students to meet their full potential in spite of
socioeconomic disadvantages through programs that will engage them academically and
intellectually beyond the school day. Education is a proven factor in combating poverty, and it is
GapBuster’s mission to cultivate the talents and leadership abilities of youths so they can effect
change both within themselves and their communities.

You can contact us at 3017794252
office or email at info@gapbuster.org

10-09-2013, 09:47 PM
Ribbon cutting and bike giveaway!