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08-29-2013, 10:50 AM
Since the beginning of time I think, Greenbelt has had a four-day festival over Labor Day weekend. There are carnival rides, booths, various events, music, pageant, bingo, a parade -- the works. The festival is sort of like stepping into a time warp of idealized small town Americana, with all its charms and pathologies. (Disclosure, we've lived in Greenbelt for 25+ years and wouldn't go anywhere else!)

For a bit of local flavor, here is the local paper's pullout with schedule of events: http://www.greenbeltnewsreview.com/issues/GNR2013LaborDayPullout.pdf
and here is the paper itself: http://www.greenbeltnewsreview.com/current_issue.pdf

On Monday, Labor Day afternoon, I'm leading a casual, social paced ride around town, intended mostly to show off the best ways to get around by bike (hint: stay off Greenbelt Road and Kenilworth Ave!). All are welcome to join us!

Labor Day Tour de Greenbelt Monday Sept 2
Discover how to navigate the Greenbelt area by bike!
Distance: 23 mi Elevation: +- 1249ft Helmets: Please Kids: Welcome Pace: Moderate
Route: Bike lanes, trails, shoulders, lower-traffic streets, some dirt paths, some sidewalks
Meet up at the start, or drop in/drop out anywhere along the way (route times approximate)
Start: 1:00pm Proteus Bicycles, North College Park (Route 1 at Erie Street)
Mile 5: New Deal Cafe Roosevelt Center (1:30pm approx)
Mile 7: Schrom Hills Park (1:45pm approx)
Mile 9: New Deal Cafe Roosevelt Center (2pm approx)
Mile 11: Greenbelt National Park (2:15pm approx)
Mile 14: Greenbelt Elementary School (2:30pm approx)
Mile 20: Lake Artemesia (3:00pm approx)
Finish: Proteus Bicycles (3:15-3:30pm approx)

Here is the map:

And here is some video from last year's ride: