View Full Version : Beltsville farms road ride, Saturday at 10am

08-07-2013, 11:04 AM
This Saturday, I'm planning to do a fast-ish (for me) ride in the Beltsville farms, leaving Proteus bike shop at about 10am. I was thinking about 25 miles, although it's easy to add another 10 by scooting out to 197 and Lanham Severn road for a little longer loop.

I usually stop for water at mile 10 at the Patuxent wildlife refuge visitors center, and then take a lunch stop in Old Greenbelt at about mile 20 (or 30 if we do the long loop). Then soft pedal the last 5 miles back to the bike shop via the Metro station underpass.

Here's the usual (25-ish mile) route: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3020743

I'm happy to tailor the pace to whoever shows up, but I usually ride this route between 16-18mph, but I can take it up to about 20 max or down to 14 min depending on the group preference. We haven't done this ride in a while, so it'll probably be a pretty small group, so we can stick together, or split up and regroup at the stops.

This is great road riding territory -- you can easily do 10 mile stretches or more without stopping at all, the scenery is (mostly) outstanding, and the roads are either very low traffic or have nice shoulders -- so if you haven't discovered it, please feel free to join me! -Jeff

UPDATE: Constantia from Proteus is also doing a farms ride on Saturday, leaving the shop at 10am, and would also welcome company. She'll be taking a moderately slow pace (12-13mph), and doing about 22 miles on mostly the same route, but won't be stopping for lunch. -Jeff