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Bike-Ped Manager
03-04-2011, 05:04 PM
Very interesting study.


You can also just jump to the conclusions if you like…

"Contrary to AASHTO’s safety cautions about road-parallel
paths and its exclusion of cycle tracks, our results suggest that
two-way cycle tracks on one side of the road have either lower
or similar injury rates compared with bicycling in the street
without bicycle provisions. This lowered risk is also in spite of the
less-than-ideal design of the Montreal cycle tracks, such as lacking
parking setbacks at intersections, a recommended practice."

What is already known on this subject
Individuals, in particular women, children, and seniors, prefer
to bicycle separated from motor traffic.

Cycle tracks (physically-separated bicycle-exclusive paths
along roads) exist and continue to be built in The Netherlands
where 27% of all trips are by bicycle and 55% of bicycle riders
are female.

Engineering guidance in the United States has discouraged
bicycle facilities that resemble cycle tracks, including parallel
sidepaths and sidewalk bikeways, suggesting that these
facilities and cycle tracks are more dangerous than bicycling
in the street.

What this study adds
Overall, 2 ˝ times as many cyclists rode on the cycle tracks
compared with the reference streets.

There were 8.5 injuries and 10.5 crashes per million-bicycle
kilometers respectively on cycle tracks compared to published
injury rates ranging from 3.75 to 67 for bicycling on streets.
The relative risk of injury on the cycle track was 0.72 (95%
CI=0,60-0.85) compared with bicycling in the reference

Cycle tracks lessen, or at least do not increase, crash and
injury rates compared to bicycling in the street.

03-05-2011, 06:15 AM
Having a look at the current statistics is helpful when evaluation design alternatives. Thanks for sharing this, consider yourself welcome here!

Another dimension to cycle tracks is the cost per mile to implement (which can be very site-specific), though can be the deciding factor in whether or not the cycling feature is added.