View Full Version : Pizza (and beer) ride on Saturday, August 3

08-01-2013, 10:11 AM
Saturday, August 3, 10am-2pm — Pizza and Beer and Pastry ride!

For this weekend's shop ride, I got a request for a easy 20 miler, so I invented what I believe to be the perfect food (and drink) ride.

Here is the map:


Here's the rough itinerary in case anyone would like to meet up or join up along the way:

Leave Proteus bike shop 10am -- all times PST (proteus standard time, which is reliably 10 or 15 minutes late).
Arrive Menomale (http://menomale.us/) 11:15am
Arrive Chocolate City Brewery (http://chocolatecitybeer.com/) 12:30pm
Quick stop at Shortcake bakery (http://shortcakebakery.com/) if needed? 1:30pm
Return 2pm

22 miles, mostly on flat trails and quiet neighborhood streets. We will take an easy pace and we will stick together -- these are social rides mostly. The pizza at Menomale is fantastic — we sit outside so you don’t necessarily have to bring a lock (you can watch the bikes). Then, we’ll hop over the bridge to 8th Street and make a quick stop at Chocolate City Brewery for beer tasting or to pick up a growler. On the way home, if we need some dessert, we can even stop at Shortcake bakery for pastries! In addition to the food, this is a great ride to show off how easy it is to get from the Anacostia Tributary trails down into DC (this is my commuting route). -Jeff

Here is a picture from the last time we stopped at Menomale.