View Full Version : 2007 52 CM Scott Speedster S40 and a Trek 8700 Mountain Bike Build for Trade

07-24-2013, 07:40 AM
First post here so if I violate any unwritten rules, I apologize.

I am wanting a new road bike and the only way the wife will allow me to get one is to trade what I have. I have a 52 CM 2007 Scott Speester S40 (Tiagra component group) in excellent condition which has just been tuned (new chain, tires, tubes, hubs serviced) and a Mountain Bike build (I did not build it as I am a novice) which is on a Trek carbon 8700 frame, XT group set with XTR RD, Crank face, Rock Shox MID, Easton bar, Chris King headset, Time pedals, and so on. I rode the mountain bike once and decided I am strictly a road guy. I am looking to trade both bikes (at least and $800 value) towards 1 road bike (at least 105 components or higher, I am trying to upgrade afterall). Any size between 52 and 54 will work. I can send pictures of both bikes. You could either ride the mountain bike as is or strip it for parts for your own frame or for sale. I love the Scott but my exes name was Scott and she has a jokester son.....I think you can see where I am going with this.