View Full Version : Stolen bikes

02-21-2011, 05:15 PM
I just want to get the word out wherever I can:

Friday night / Saturday morning I had two bikes stolen from behind my house on Capitol Hill.

One's a 70's blue/chrome Bottecchia frankenbike. Notable semi-persistent features include an old Nitto stem and Profile bullhorn bars, and old school Matrix ISO-C II 700c rims on the wheels - handbuilt by me, with cyclocross tires for the winter. The front skewer requires a hex key for removal, and the rear quick release was blocked by a hose clamp. All the parts are old-school enough that they probably won't be much good to anyone who just wants a bike - it's a very finicky ride, but I love it.

The other's a department store kid's bike (24" wheels, knobby tires) in purple/silver/white. There's not much notable and semi-persistent about it, but it did have battery powered Christmas lights zip-tied all around the rear wheel and electrical glowing blue wire wrapped around the frame and taped down that might take a bit of work to remove.

A police report was filed, though without serial numbers and receipts I don't expect much. Insurance value is below the deductible, but the sentimental and practical value is a lot higher. I'd consider paying a bounty or reward for information.