View Full Version : Lost Dog Rescue Volunteer - and Bike Ride!

05-20-2013, 09:03 PM
I mentioned this an era's ago - and it never came to fruition. Well now is the grand opportunity.

Lost Dog Rescue (http://www.lostdogandcatrescue.org/) is Arlington's own dog rescue group, started by the owners of Lost Dog Cafe. They have ~10 adoption events per weekend and adopt out ~50 dogs per week. They get dogs from crisis situations such as kill shelters, puppy mills, and other disasters. We have been working with Lost Dog for about a decade. The dog in some of my pictures was adopted in 2002 and is the best damn dog ever!

Volunteering (http://lostdogrescue.org/participate/volunteer) is easy. The adoption events are at Petsmart and Petco. Lost Dog brings ~20 dogs from 'the ranch' (where they have about 150 dogs.... and some goats). The event is 3 hours long. Your job is to, well, have fun with the dog, show it off, play with it.... almost like the Dog Show at madison garden. You win if your dog gets adopted.

It's fun. It's rewarding. The dogs are delightful. And maybe you might even cave and become a foster parent!!!!!

So here's the deal. We are working the Lost Dog Sterling event this saturday.... which is right on the WOD. We have room for 4 bikes total on the van (my wife is driving. doesnt bike. it happens). We could drive out to Sterling, do the adoption event, and then bike back on the WOD - a nice ~23 miles back to Ballston area, or wherever.

If you would be interested, we should touch base with the volunteer coordinator at Lost Dog. Also, this may become a someone regular occurrence, so if you are interested but not this weekend - there will be another chance.