View Full Version : Fairfax County Rec Centers, Drop In Spinning Classes

01-14-2011, 07:50 AM
I realize there is a cadre of hardcore folks who can ride in any weather, I wish I were that way. But I'm not. A reasonable alternative are the drop-in fitness classes available through the Fairfax County Recreation Centers. There are many spinning classes where you can simply show up and join the class. I have a pass that's good for several months at any FFC rec center because I use the weight rooms, this pass allows me to drop-in and attend spin classes for no additional charge. Each rec center has a web site that lists the times for the drop-in classes. This week I've been to Oak Marr, Providence, and Audrey Moore classes, they were all staffed by good instructors and the equipment is adequate. There are early morning, mid-afternoon, and evening classes. Coincidently, the passes are on sale right now. Most of the year I lift several times a week but it has been great to be able to attend spin classes while the weather has been bad. I feel like I'm losing less cardiovascular fitness and it's better than doing nothing.