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Mark Blacknell
01-03-2011, 12:39 PM
[As adopted at December 2010 meeting]

Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee
Draft Meeting Summary
November 1, 2010

Attendees: Mark Blacknell (Chair), Eric Goodman (Co-Chair Pedestrian Committee), Megan Jones, Steve Offutt, Allen Muchnick, David Goodman (Arlington County), Barry Skidmore, Chris Eatough (Arlington County), Randy Swart, Michael Raizen, Elizabeth Kiker, David Patton (Arlington County), David Kirschner (Arlington County), Chris Hamilton (Arlington County) Kevin Stalica (Arlington County), and Dwight Hlustick.

1. Introduction: Chair Blacknell called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. and introductions were made.

2. Distribution of October Meeting Minutes: These were approved with a few corrections.

3. Bike Arlington Updates:

· Capital Bike Share Update: Chris Eatough reported the latest information program. There are ~4000 members and 400 of them are in Arlington. The program averages about 1000 rides/day. There are presently 700 bicycles at 114 stations for riders. Funding through partnerships is being pursued, e.g., the Rosslyn BID. Stations cost about $40-50,000 to install plus maintenance. Chris and Paul DeMaio are approaching businesses for this endeavor. A temporary station (or “corral check-in”) costs about $8000. Whether this could or should be combined with the WABA bike valet program for particular events is uncertain. There are also incentives for the operator to balance the system so that bikes are available where and when they are needed as well as bike parking spaces. This generally requires the operator to move bikes to locations where they are needed for commuting.

· Lights for Bikes: Day Light Savings Time ends on November 7. Therefore the County plans to distribute free bike lights at a few events. Forty lights were given out in about an hour at the day worker site in Shirlington. Allen said that the County may also want to include reflectors since this also required by state law since the rear lights being distributed do not include reflectors. The cost of the lights is about $20 per set. Chris said he would send out a notice for volunteers as soon the dates and locations light distributions are determined. Allen thought bike light enforcement should be considered during the Street Smart event on November 9. Mark thought this might not be a good idea 1) without further coordination with the ACPD and 2) in general.

4. Trail Updates: Kevin has not received many complaints as of late. The biggest upheavals caused by tree rootes on the Custis Trail have been corrected. However, the tree root problem remains on the rest of the trail. There is a new manger for the Phoenix Bike Shop, Kelly Auer. Kevin said the snow removal policy for Trails has not been changed. The new snow policy has not been adopted as yet.

5. Staff Report and Issues:

· Status of Shirlington Connector Signage – David Kirschner said the new signs would be ordered this week. The flashing lights for crossing Shirlington Road have also been ordered. The installed cost of the lights is $22,000. The lights will be on both sides of the street.

· Trail Connection Priorities – Kevin receives complaints that trail connector signs don’t exist on roads (white on green) identifying specific trails. The emergency marker system also needs to be updated. The County should also acquire land for trail connections. Specific connectors should be identified. Randy believed the Lee Highway crossing for the W&OD Trail should be moved in order to eliminate the turning activities by motor vehicles. David Goodman also noted that a crossing was needed at George Mason Drive for the parallel bike route for Columbia Pike. Members were urged to contact county staff to provide suggestions.

· Signal Timing at N. Cleveland and Lee Highway – The timing is off again at the intersection where a bicyclist was killed about a year ago. According to David Kirschner the timing was changed to 14 seconds from the previous 5 seconds. The BAC discussed its concerns that the County adopt a policy for the timing of all intersections that permits safe clearance of any signalized intersection by non-motorized traffic.

· Streets Element for MTP – The Streets Element for the Master Transportation Plan will be discussed by Rich Viola at next months meeting. David Patton would like a letter from the BAC to the Board supporting the 110 Trail Transportation Enhancement funding. The letter is needed by November 13. The cost is $750,000 and the County is short $250,000. 50% of the project has been designed. The County is working with the NPS on the project. David Kirschner needed input on a connector to the Arlington Mill development for the Four Mile Run Trail.

· Bike Lane/Sharrow Implementation – Many bike lanes are not striped properly at intersections. Some of the problems are VDOT issues. The question was brought up as to whether there are any consequences to the contractor for the errors. David K. says no, but the contract is up for bid next year and past performance should be considered in selecting a contractor. Grinding is the only alternative for correcting an error. David Goodman said there were 5.5 miles of new bike lanes and sharrows installed this year to make a total of 30 miles countywide. David Patton said the County would be installing racks along Wilson Blvd. at various locations. The work on the Ballston bike rack will begin shortly. Available bike rack spaces at this site will go from 35 to 44. The County has spent $70,000 on bike/pedestrian counting equipment.

6. General Discussion:

· Support for Ciclovia in 2011 – there is a need for sponsorship money, and BAC members should help secure that sponsorship.

· Alternate Meeting Locations – Steve is talking to the Arlington library.

· Vice Chair – A vice chair is needed. We need a volunteer.

· Columbia Pike Transit Meetings - Two meetings are scheduled for November 15 and 18. Allen plans to attend the November 18 meeting. Another person is needed to attend the November 15 meeting.

7. Liaisons:

· E. Falls Church Metro – no report.

· Pedestrian Advisory Committee – [un-recorded – can anyone supply with details?]

· Traffic Calming Committee – Traffic Calming has been funded for $200,000 in 2011. New traffic/speed data is needed to move forward on many projects. The County is getting new data for projects high up on the list.

8. Regional Issues - Allen Muchnick: Not discussed due to time constrains.

9. Items for December Agenda:
- MTP Streets element
- Alternating Meeting Location

Dwight Hlustick