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Mark Blacknell
01-03-2011, 12:22 PM
[As approved at October 2010 meeting, as there was no September meeting]

Arlington Bike Advisory Committee
Meeting Summary
Monday, August 2, 2010 – 7:00

Meeting was called to order and introductions were made.

1. July meeting minutes were approved.

2. ACPD’s Sgt. John Ravinaskas – Arlington Enforcement and Bikes

Sgt. Ravinaskas handles community dispute issues including follow-up and monitoring. His group works with Conte’s Bikes on their weekly bike rides and provides traffic control. His team also provides bike patrols when there is time or if there are problems. They also go through parks and bike trails.

In addition to a handout citing portions of the Virginia Code that apply (or don’t) to cyclists, Sgt. Ravinaskas provided various statistics and data concerning traffic citations for cyclists and accidents involving cyclists.

2009 = 19 citations for cyclists (street not trail) – not collisions, rolling through stop signs/lights, etc.
2010 = 7, to date – not collisions
2009 = 8 traffic collisions where the cyclist was cited (i.e., treated as a vehicle)
2010 = 7 traffic collisions, to date
2009 = 27 total citations
2010 = 14 total citations

He will provide further data, from his crime analyst, responding to various questions raised by BAC members, including the number of accidents caused by cars hitting bikes.

A BAC member inquired if all officers get training and re-training regarding cyclists and the law. Sgt. Ravinaskas responded that he is aware there is training in the academy but there is no regular training with regards to bicycles. Manassas and Leesburg are more proactive about providing training after the Academy.

In response to a question about funds, Sgt. Ravinaskas responded that there is limited funding for equipment and officers are often rough on the bikes (due to having to drop on the ground, etc.). The bikes are expensive to keep in service. Discussion continued on how cyclists are treated in courts and if cyclists can receive points on their license. Sgt. Ravinaskas responded that it depends on how the clerk codes the citation and that cyclists should not receive points on their license. If they do, the clerk coded it wrong so it is important to check the transcripts. A BAC member inquired about a recent accident on Lee and Cleveland involving a cyclist’s death and that the police report was not accessible. Sgt. Ravinaskas responded that unless one is involved in the accident, there is no access to the report, as it is not public information.

Action item: The BAC discussed urging more funding dedicated to police bicycle equipment.

3. Bike Arlington Updates – Capital Bikeshare is due to launch in early/mid-September. Information is available on facebook.com/capitalbikeshare. Bike Arlington plans to have demonstration racks and bikes at the upcoming Arlington County Fair and is looking for volunteers to help staff this.

4. Trail update: Kevin Stalica reported that a portion of the wall on the Custis Trail (near Brandymore Castle/East Falls Church) buckled and was in jeopardy of falling. It was fixed with a metal plate. There are several bridge projects including near the beaver pond and along the Custis trail that are part of the spot improvements for I-66. Not many details known at this time.

There are problems with a rose bush blocking signage new WO&D and Shirley Highway which prompted discussion on the difficulty of this intersection to navigate using signage and placement of curb cuts.

Action item: BAC board will meet at this location at next meeting so that we can better understand signage, traffic patterns so that it can be discussed easier with Arlington County staff.

5. Staff report and issues: David Goodman reported that they will be placing a sign on the Washington Blvd trail stating “Phase II Coming Soon” or something like that to indicate that there is more to the project. They are currently looking for funding and have received questions about the “dead end”. They hope the sign will indicate that there is more to come.

The county will be hiring a consultant to assess the bike routing in the Columbia Pike area. Furthermore, VDOT has provided them their preliminary paving plan for 2011 which includes Glebe Road from Military to Lee Highway.

Dave Patton reported that there will be an in-house meeting regarding sharrows and their use. He also noted that the Pentagon’s support of the Boundary Channel Drive project remains an open issue.

David Kirschner reported on several paving projects including 2nd Street South to N Highland. He also mention that there has been discussion on color pavement treatments for bike lanes.

Action items: Forward ideas for areas where cyclists need more visibility for possible color treatment to the pavement.

6. General Discussion

Mark Blacknell solicited the BAC for ideas for presentations at civic association meetings. He is looking to become more proactive in the community through putting a face on cycling. Perhaps it may be useful to come up with a “canned” presentation so that any BAC member can make a presentation to their association if they are not comfortable speaking off the cuff.

Mark Blacknell also brought up the concept of suggesting that county parking enforcement consider using bicycles to distribute tickets/check parking.

Action item: Mark Blacknell to draft e-mail about parking enforcement idea and send to listserv for review.

Normally, the September meeting is not held due to Labor Day. It was proposed, and approved, that an informal September meeting instead be held on September 13th to include a site visit to the Four Mile Run trail near Shirlington. Afterwards, the meeting would move to a Shirlington location where the public would be invited to attend and meet with BAC members.

7. Liaisons – no reports

8. Regional issues – no report

9. Items for future agenda:
- increasing cycling culture in the community
- funding issues
- discussion of BAC priorities

Meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.