View Full Version : Jan 01 Hangover Ride Fort DuPont DC

12-28-2012, 06:50 PM
I will be leading a MORE-MTB group ride into Fort DuPont on Jan 01 @ 11AM . Riders with hangovers are welcomed. MTB or cross bikes will be cool; the trails are not too crazy. I plan to bring my single speed MTB.

Meet in the main parking lot and be ready to start at 11 AM. Make sure to see me to sign the waiver. The main parking lot is the one inside the park by the headquarters buildings. It is on Fort DuPont Drive SE just up from the intersection of Minnesota and Mass at Randle Circle.

The pace will not be super fast, as we may have to wait for the hungover, regardless will be a great way to see the ~10 or so miles in Fort DuPont. We'll also regroup at each road crossing to make sure we cross the road safely.

Plan to go for food afterwards to some place close like Ray's Steaks/Retro, Big Red Chair, or Uniontown Grill.

There is a thread on the MORE MTB forums at:

No calendar event yet, but I am hoping it will be up soon.


12-29-2012, 10:50 AM
For those of us who are directionally impaired, this is the parking lot near the Summer Theater.

It's plenty clear on the map, but for me it helps to have a landmark when my brain is barely functional - which is often.