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12-12-2012, 01:03 PM
As I mentioned in another thread (http://bikearlingtonforum.com/showthread.php?2884-Flat-bar-commuter-or-drop-bar-tourer), winter can be a great time to shop for new bikes. Bike shops aren't very busy, and they can take a ton of time to help you test different models and work on your fit and setup. (In my completely biased and not-very-humble opinion, intensive fit and setup work can mean the difference between a bike you like very much and a bike you absolutely love and want to bring into your bedroom and gaze at as you drift off...)

It's also the time of year that new bikes start to come in for the next model year, and shops start discounting this year's models!

Here is a list of 2012 bikes that are left this winter at (disclosure!) my wife's shop (http://www.proteusbicycles.com/sale-bikes/). These aren't marked down a ton (just -10%), because they'll sell next Spring anyways, but that's at least a small inducement. Plus I think there's an extra "no sales tax" (-6%) thing going through Christmas. I'm sure other shops have similar (or maybe better, who knows!) deals available this season.

There are quite a few nice entry-level MTBs, some sweet road bikes, several CX, two great cargo bikes, some high-end commuters. Quite a few fairly large bikes and some really smalls still available for harder-to-fit bodies.

Kona Lanai (small 14″)
Kona Splice 29er (big dude size 22″)
Kona Mahuna 29er (big dude size 22″)
Kona Fire Mountain (18″ 20″ and extra big 22″)
Jamis Durango (17″ 19″ 21″)
Jamis Dragon 29er (17″)
Jamis Exile Sport 29er (17″)

Cargo and Commuting:
Kona MinUte (medium-large 20″ and medium-small 18″)
Kona Dew Plus — (lots of sizes)
Jamis Coda Sport — steel (small size only 15″)
Felt Verza City2 (16″)

Felt ZW5 — (medium)
Jamis Ventura Race — (extra small size available 44cm, also 56cm and 58cm)
Bianchi Sempre — 53cm and 55cm
Bianchi Imola — 57cm and 59cm
Bianchi Campione — 55cm and 61cm
Jamis “SatelEight” — a entry steel road bike customized with 18 gearing (54cm)

Kona Jake (59cm)
Kona Jake the Snake (several sizes, including a 59cm)
Jamis Nova Race (disk brakes, several sizes)

Kona Jake 2-4 — 24″ wheel
Kona Hulu — 24" wheel

Thanks for your indulgence, and please visit your LBS a lot this winter, to see what's new and what's on sale! -Jeff

12-12-2012, 01:50 PM
Is that XS Jamis Ventura a women's frame or unisex?