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11-07-2012, 01:55 PM
On Monday night, history went down at the BAC meeting. We witnessed the presentation of the Golden Spoke Award to........Allen Muchnick! See pics below - if anyone has better quality pics, please share (I know you do because there is evidence of it in these very photos...). Below is the citation that was presented to Allen. Congratulations Allen!! :)

The Arlington County Bicycle Advisory Committee presents its Golden Spoke Award to Allen Muchnick.

Allen has been active in bicycle advocacy in Arlington since 1991. He has attended an uncountable number of meetings to present the case for a bicycle-friendly community.

Allen has been an active member of the Bicycle Advisory Committee for two decades, and has rarely missed a meeting. He was one of the chief architects of the Bicycle Element of the Master Transportation Plan, and has been the regional cycling liaison keeping the BAC aware of regional and state-wide issues.

Allen has been a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee of the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board since 1993. He served for ten years on the Board of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, sparking scores of advocacy campaigns; represented WABA on VDOT's statewide Bicycle Advisory Committee; developed two major fund raising bike tours; networked with smart-growth, environmental, and trail coalitions and guided a six-fold growth in membership, revenue, and paid staff.

Allen has served as President of the Virginia Bicycling Federation, and taken an active role in that organization, promoting better bicycle facilities and lobbying in Richmond for improvements in the Virginia legal code. He served five years on the Virginia Board of Transportation Safety. He is currently president of the Arlington Coalition for Sensible Transportation, a group that seeks to limit highway development through Arlington.

Allen is a nationally certified League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor. He has taught cycling skills and bicycle maintenance courses several times per year for more than a decade. Allen has helped hundreds of new cyclists become commuters and recreational riders who are confident in city traffic.

This citation cannot encompass all of Allen's contributions to cycling in Arlington, the region and the state, but clearly he merits this distinguished award and we are pleased to present it.

November 5, 2012

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