View Full Version : Metro sucks, but Capital Bikeshare ROCKS

10-25-2012, 08:35 PM
Last night, I decided to take Metro into town rather than drive. Let's just say that between late trains and mechanical failures on the way in, I just wasn't okay being told that the next train that would take me back home was 18 minutes away.
So, I turned my back on Metro and took my first ever ride on a Cabi bike. From Dupont to Arlington.
It was ridiculously fun.
Very user-friendly, too.
The bike was comfortable and very easy to ride.
Going up the Custis from Rosslyn was silly easy with that whole choice-of-gear thing that the Cabi has going on. Don't even get me started on the whole wow-I-can-actually-stop-pedaling-and-coast thing. Seriously though, part of what made it so fun was that it was so different from my normal hammer home on the fixie commute.
Until last night, I really didn't have much of an opinion about Cabi. I thought the idea was nice, but didn't give it much thought beyond that. I am now a big fan.
Now if only they would just rip up the Metro tracks and turn the tunnels into a subterranean velodrome...

10-25-2012, 08:47 PM
I don't use CaBi all that much anymore, but it's what got me back on a bike after not having ridden one more than a handful of times since I got my drivers license. Mostly I use it on date nights - my wife and I CaBi downtown somewhere, then cab home later.

I do have to say that only a full-time fixie rider could really gush about the gearing on the CaBis. First gear is totally useless. Second is fine from 0 mph until about 3, then 3rd tops out at maybe 14 mph. After that you're just spinning.

But yes, I love CaBi, too. It's totally changed DC for the better, and the expansion into MD and VA is awesome.

10-26-2012, 01:06 AM
I continue to be a frequent user of CaBi, even though I have two bikes of my own. CaBi is great for one-way trips and running errands. Or simply for coasting along for a sightseeing spin around the area. Or just to do a short relaxing recovery ride.

As for VA, I think CaBi actually started in Crystal City, even before downtown D.C. At the very least, the Crystal City and early D.C. stations opened up within weeks of each other. Arlington and Crystal City helped spur the idea of a region-wide bike network too. After the early experiment with SmartBike in D.C., Arlington decided to start up its own system. D.C. heard about it and the two jurisdictions agreed to combine forces and create what became Capital Bikeshare.

Rod Smith
10-26-2012, 07:30 AM
Sounds like fun. Personally, I have no problem with a top gear that will go 14mph. Just curious why the decision was to take Metro rather than drive?

10-26-2012, 10:15 AM
Basically the same reasons I commute by bike rather than drive.
It was a beautiful evening. Walking to the Metro let me enjoy it.
I didn't have to deal with traffic.
I didn't have to look for or pay for parking. Frankly, I like my car very much and the less I expose it to the lousy parking skills of all those NDMF out there, the better. I even bring my bikes into my office.