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11-20-2010, 08:50 AM
Hi, I live in Philadelphia and am actively involved in a non-profit organization, Neighborhood Bike Works, that promotes cycling to urban youth in the Philadelphia area. Last year I was one of the organizers for our first multi-day fundraising ride from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and back. Not only did we have adult fundraising adult riders, but nine of the older kids in the program trained and rode the 240 mile route as well. It was a small ride (about 40 riders), but everyone had a great time, the kids were really stoked about their accomplishment, and we raised critical funds to support our programs.

For this coming July (weekend of the 23rd) we have decided to take the ride to Washington, D.C. I have plotted out a rough draft route for a three day ride from Philadelphia to D.C. (190+ miles), with a day to ride around D.C. and probably out to Mt. Vernon (yet to be plotted). We will then charter a bus home.

My reason for this post is two fold. First, and most immediate, we are planning on coming into the city via the Rock Creek Trail. We have the option to start the ride on a Friday (bringing us into D.C. on Sunday) or on a Saturday (we will come into D.C. on a Monday afternoon). I would like feedback on the rush hour traffic situation in D.C. during the summer (i.e. would it be stupid to have 40 riders from out of town riding into D.C. around 3 pm?) and Rock Creek road closings (I understand that the parkway is closed for periods on the weekends. Would that make coming into D.C. on Sunday far more favorable?).

Second, I know the cycling network in D.C. is very active and vibrant. I hope to be able to collect helpful feedback and insights from those of you who know the area much better than I. I will likely be in the D.C. a number of times over the next 7 months as we plot out options into town and touring routes for our day in D.C. I would love to get suggestions on the best resources, organizations, people that I may be able to contact to help with this.

Thanks so much,

12-03-2010, 09:14 AM

Definitely contact the folks at the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (http://www.waba.org/) for help on both your questions.