View Full Version : College Park area shop rides for October/November

10-05-2012, 10:50 AM
FYI -- Here are some upcoming items from our shop ride schedule (http://www.proteusbicycles.com/eventsrides/) from North College Park.

Most Saturdays, 10am — ride to Beltsville Farms and Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, with possible lunch at the New Deal Cafe (http://www.newdealcafe.com). This is usually a 22 mile loop (http://ridewithgps.com/routes/896301), with a rest stop at the refuge visitors center, although sometimes if varies longer or shorter depending on the group. We usually take a moderate, social pace, and no one is dropped or left behind. We’d return to the shop around 12pm.

Sunday October 7nd, 1pm — easy 10-12 mile ride on local (paved bike) trails to the Hyattsville Cyclocross races. This will be a slow social ride at an easy pace — a leg stretcher, not a thigh burner. Good for beginners or others who just want a social ride and some lunch. The weather looks to be cool and damp, so break out the winter gloves and jackets! We may get some lunch after in Hyattsville, and, if it’s not raining, we could go visit the Takoma Park street festival, which is just another couple miles up the trail. We’ll decide how we feel when we get to Hyattsville. Here is a map of the route from Proteus (http://goo.gl/maps/KBalh) to Hyattsville Magruder Park for the races, and continuing on to Takoma Park. (Note, this map shows construction detours off the trails, but we will probably be able to ride right through the construction zones on a weekend.)

Sunday October 14th, 8am – OPEN TRIATHLON TRAINING (NON COMPETITIVE). We’re planning to meet at the Greenbelt Pool at 8am. 8 laps in the pool, then a 25 mile loop ride (http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1785828) in Beltsville farms out to Old Bowie, then a 5k run around Greenbelt Lake. We’ll use the locker room at the pool as a slow-paced spot for transitions. Note, this is not a closed course or a supported setup in any way. Fee for the pool is about $5 I think. Please obey traffic laws and mind your own safety on the bike, and please don’t hurry transitions in the locker room!

Sunday November 11th. 12pm NOON to DC’s Eastern Market and U.S. Capitol — my commuter route. This is a pretty easy ride and we’ll take a nice relaxed pace probably, but it’s long — 15 miles each way. We’ll make food and coffee stops at Shortcake bakery, maybe Ebenezer’s, Eastern Market etc. Please bring a Metro farecard — if you get tired or the weather gets hot, you can take Metro home!