View Full Version : New Capital Bikeshare station finder for Android, newer iPhones

Joe Chapline
10-27-2010, 09:40 AM
We have a new tool in development for finding Capital Bikeshare locations using any Android device or newer iPhone (3GS or 4). If anyone has one of these phones and is willing to help test, we would love to get your feedback.

Data from Capital Bikeshare has been published as a layer for Layar Reality Browser. The technology is called "Augmented Reality." Data layers are superimposed over a view of the real world, as seen through your phone. Phones must have an internet connection and be equipped with GPS and compass.

With Layar and the Capital Bikeshare layer installed, you can look through your phone to see the direction and distance of stations, and check bike/dock availability.

To try this out, download the Layar Reality Browser for your phone (www.layar.com) and get the BikeArlington Capital Bikeshare data. You should be able to find the data by searching under "Arlington," or "Transportation," or going directly to http://www.layar.com/layers/bikearlva.

There are also layers for ART bus stop locations, and WalkArlington Walkabout points of interest. All can be found by searching under "Arlington."

Try it out and send us comments and screenshots! Let us know if the instructions above are adequate, of if there's a better way to tell people how to do this.

Attached screenshot is from Rosslyn (thanks, Tim). The closest stations are across the river Georgetown. I'd like to get a screen shot closer to some stations.