View Full Version : October 14th National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Ride

09-15-2012, 03:05 PM
Anyone interested in doing this as a team?
I'm going to sign up next week.

It starts at National Harbor. It is 54 miles.



09-24-2012, 01:35 PM
Ann - I'm doing this ride, with maybe one or two Coast Guard shipmates. I signed up as an individual, I think the only difference between that and registering as a team is the fundraising requirement.

I will be gallumphing along at my 13 mph pace. If you're looking for a riding partner and don't mind riding with a Coastie (or a few), please let me know.

I'm riding in honor of BMC Sidney Sanderlin who was killed along with another Coast Guardsmen and a Secret Service agent in 1927 during a boarding of a rum running vessel.

It's an interesting story - but watch the (loud) sound on this website:


10-15-2012, 01:27 PM
For those considering whether or not to do it next year - here's a quick ride report.

Ride started and ended at National Harbor. Start was early (0715), probably to lighten the impact on the local roads. There were 338 riders for the bike ride (there's a 5k run also, but that takes place at the Memorial near Judiciary Square - so no impact) and over 100 volunteers. The ride was well supported with four pit stops, plenty of markers along the road, and safety volunteers along the course directing, and in some cases there were police officers stopping traffic for the riders. The course was mostly flat and was well designed to limit left turns along the course. Some moderate hills, but nothing worse than the Rosslyn/Custis hill.

The weather was great and it was nice finishing through "downtown" National Harbor. Traffic was blocked for the riders and the folks having lunch and enjoying the weather cheered my friend on as we finished.

Bottom line - I recommend it and will plan on doing it again next year.