View Full Version : Triathlon wetsuit for sale (not a bike, but of interest to some cyclists)

08-29-2012, 11:40 PM
I have an XTERRA Vortex sleeveless triathlon wetsuit available, size Men's X-Small. I've only used it a handful of times so it's in good shape. A female athlete of the right size should also be able to use it successfully.

Note that I did trim the bottom of the legs at the calf for better fit. This shouldn't affect the performance. In fact, if you are the right size for this suit, the leg length should work for you. I only trimmed a couple inches. The suit was designed to allow the customer to trim up to a few inches off the legs without affecting performance.

To determine if you are the right size for the wetsuit, you can check the XTERRA online interactive sizing tool:


This wetsuit probably isn't appropriate for those over 5' 5" - 5' 6" max or more than 130-135 lbs. or so, but it's difficult to determine appropriate size without trying it on.

It's a basic introductory model. I'm asking $65 or best offer. The Nation's Triathlon is coming up in just over a week. Based on the current forecast, the overnight lows during the weekend of the race could be in the upper 60s. That means that the race is likely to be wetsuit-legal. Wetsuits help provide warmth and extra buoyancy in the water, which helps most swimmers to have better body position in the water. This is particularly helpful for beginner and slower swimmers.

The wetsuit is designed to be tight-fitting, so keep that in mind. The XTERRA site has an extensive FAQ section, including a quick guide to putting on and removing the wetsuit.

I also realize that this isn't a bike component. But I thought I'd post it here because it might be of interest to many cyclists who have decided to explore the related world of triathlon. If you're interested in the wetsuit, you can reply to this thread, send me a private message, or better yet, do both. I'll try to answer any questions you may have.

FYI: This wetsuit should not be worn in chlorinated water. If you choose to do a practice swim in a pool, keep that swim very short and wash off the neoprene with fresh water immediately afterward, inside and out. Then hang dry.