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Mark Blacknell
10-03-2010, 01:04 PM
Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee - Meeting Summary
June 7, 2010

Attendees: Megan Jones, Steve Offutt, Michael Raizen, Barry Skidmore, Eric Swanson, Randy Swart, James Moon. County Staff and Contractors: Charlie Denney, David Goodman, Dave Kirschner, David Patton, Kevin Stalica, Paul DeMaio, Alison Cohen.

1. Introduction: Meeting was called to order shortly after 7pm, and introductions were made.

2. Distribution of minutes: The summary for the May meeting was approved.

3. Bike Sharing Update: Planners will be going to the county board to get permission to begin bike sharing program which they hope, within a few years, to include 800 bikes and provide support to the car free/car light lifestyle.

A presentation was provided to the BAC by Paul DeMaio, Chris Hamilton, and other staff (from Arlington County and Alta Bike Share). Details include: A Fall (possibly September) launch, 110 bikes at 14 stations in the Crystal City, Pentagon City, Potomac Yard areas.

The pricing is a tiered structure depending on rental time. Further funding will come from advertising that will appear on signage on the bike pick-up racks. Washington DC is “piggybacking” on the Arlington implementation.

BAC members voiced some concern about lack of helmet availability. Members also mentioned that Rosslyn would be the logical next area to have bike share implemented so that it can connect with the DC stations. Furthermore, the wayfaring system needs to be looked at with a critical eye so that those unfamiliar with the area can find their way easily through Arlington.

Action Item: BAC to provide a letter of support, for both the program and station sites, which needs to be in the planner’s hands by 6/24/2010.

4. Staff Report and Issues: David Goodman presented a draft FY 2011 Pedestrian and Bicycle Programs Funding plan. The decal fee for vehicles will be increased by $8 to $33, and this money is dedicated for bicycle and pedestrian safety and infrastructure improvements. This earmarking of funds is unprecedented and equates to approximately $1 million - $600,000 for arterial improvements, $100,000 for technology enhancements (ped/bike counter, auto bike detectors), $100,000 wayfinding, $200,000 infrastructure/ installation of bike sharing system. Goodman also reported that the guywire on the Harrison Street connector had been removed and they are looking at repaving the area near Northside Social and continuing the bike lane.

Dave Kirschner reported on paving projects including:

Paving Projects – Complete

• Walter Reed Dr. between Glebe Rd. & Columbia Pike
o Wide outside lane marked with sharrows for this segment
• George Mason Dr. between Four Mile Run Dr. & Columbia Pike
o Marked with wide outside lane – sharrows under consideration
• Arlington Mill Dr. between Walter Reed Dr. & 29th St. S.
o EB converted from two travel lanes to one parking lane, bike lane, and one travel lane

Paving Projects – In Progress

• N. Roosevelt St.\N. Sycamore St. between Fairfax County line and Washington Blvd.
o Wide outside lane between Fairfax County line and 16th St. N. will be marked with sharrows
o Bike lane provided from 16th St. N. to Washington Blvd. (in front of East Falls Church Metro) to continue to the north

Paving Projects – Design Stage (will be completed this year)
• N. Sycamore St. between Washington Blvd. & Williamsburg Blvd.
o Bike lane provided from Washington Blvd. to just north of Lee Hwy. (24th St. N.)
o Wide outside lane with sharrows marked from 24th St. N. to 26th St. N.
o Bike lane provided from 26th St. N. to Williamsburg Blvd.
• N. Lynn St. between Fairfax Dr. & Lee Hwy.
o Investigating possible bicycle facilities
• Wilson Blvd. between Wayne St. and Washington Blvd. (Clarendon Circle)
o Existing lane configuration will be put back (bike lane and parking lanes) with wider bike lanes where possible
• Army-Navy Dr. between A-N Country Club and S. Joyce St.
o Road diet planned – existing roadway is overbuilt
• 4-lane roadway will be changed to two travel lanes, parking lanes, and bike lanes
• S. Lynn St. – Pentagon City area
o Investigating possible bicycle facilities

Transportation Engineering Marking Projects - Complete (these are street marking projects unrelated to the County paving schedule)

• N. Quincy St. between Fairfax Dr. & 13th St. N.
o Bike lanes added
• N. Quincy St. between 20th Rd. N. & Lee Hwy.
o Bike lanes extended to Lee Hwy (SB) and to 21st St. N. (NB)

Transportation Engineering Marking Projects – Design Stage (hope to complete these this year)

• Wilson Blvd. between Rosslyn and Courthouse
o Third travel lane removed uphill from Rosslyn to add bike lane
• Clarendon Blvd. between Clarendon Circle and Courthouse
o Existing pavement markings in poor shape
o Existing lane configuration will be put back (bike lane and parking lanes) with wider bike lanes where possible
• Hayes St./18th St. S. from Army-Navy Dr. to S. Eads St.
o Existing bike lane markings improved to current style (edge line added between parking lane and bike lane)
• 18th St. S. from S. Eads St. to Crystal Dr.
o Bike lanes added where possible, sharrows otherwise
• Crystal Dr. between 26th St. S. and 23rd St. S.
o Bike lane added
• S. Clark St. between 23rd St. S. and 27th St. S.
o Bike lane added
• S. Eads St. between Army-Navy Dr. and S. Glebe Rd.
o Bike lanes added where possible, sharrows where width not sufficient for bike lanes
o Existing bike lanes re-marked, widened where possible

Other Transportation Projects
• On-street bike parking on 20th St. S. at Crystal Dr. (near City Hub)
o Including markings, traffic separators, and bike racks

David Patton reported that upcoming counts will take place on Thursday July 8th and Saturday, July 10th. He also highlighted a recent article in which he was quoted in USA Today about bicycling statistics in Arlington.

5. Trail Update: Kevin Stalica reported that his crews will check into a small sinkhole that was reported around mile 30 of the Custis trail. Several lighting maintenance requests have been submitted. Paving for this fiscal year has been completed and they are in the process of adding some soil to the sides of newly paved trail to ease transition between the paved and unpaved sides of trails. The pavement index project is still in process, and the finish project has not been delivered.

The bike share presentation and subsequent discussion ran long, and the remainder of the agenda (general updates and liaison reports) was deferred until the July meeting. Topics proposed for the July meeting include expanding the BAC’s outreach efforts (Steve Offutt).

The meeting was adjourned shortly after 9pm.