View Full Version : Bikes for a Tweener

08-06-2012, 08:26 AM
Our almost-12-year-old nephew is coming to stay with us for two weeks at the end of August. He's awesome and we're super excited. We live near the Custis and my stay-at-home-Dad husband and daughter bike around most days. Nephew lives in London and bikes / scooters around the city all the time. So we'd like to get him a bike to use while he's here.

I know nothing about bikes for older kids (our daughter is still a toddler - I could tell you all about seats and trailers). He's 5'1" and about 110 lbs. He'll probably be biking mostly on the Custis (=hilly), on Arlington roads and a bit on the Mall.

We'd love to borrow/rent on. We're also open to buying something used that we could either resell or keep around for when we get more visitors. So any advice on what we're looking for? Does anyone happen to have something in their shed/garage that fits the bill?


08-06-2012, 09:09 AM
I've got an old Bridgestone 70 with 24" wheels. You are welcome to borrow it. It's an old style ten speed with stem shifters and suicide levers and 1 3/8 inch tires. I can't get my kids to ride it. They want mountain bikes with twist shifters. I have yet to convince them of the evils of this type of bike.:rolleyes: