View Full Version : I would like to apologize . . .

Mark Blacknell
09-13-2010, 07:15 PM
to everyone at Quincy St. and Fairfax Dr. around 5:15 today. I was the moron cyclist who, impatient with traffic not letting him out of the library parking lot, decided that he could just give it a good crank and make it into the flow just fine. What wasn't considered was getting my pant leg caught in my crank, ripping the cuff off (and perhaps other parts, but I'm not going to admit to any particular facts beyond that, considering the field full of high school students behind me) and me weaving into oncoming traffic as I dealt with it.

So, again, I'm sorry.

Also, a reminder to make sure that either your pant leg is secured, you ride a bike with a chainguard, or your mother (still) dresses you in highwaters.

Joe Chapline
09-13-2010, 07:24 PM
My velcro-fastened, reflective pant-leg straps are stored inside my bike helmet. I grab them both before I get the bike out.

09-13-2010, 07:52 PM
Hey Mark.

I've been distributing some nifty Bike Arlington reflective velcro straps for your pant legs. I'll stop by your place on my way to work tomorrow to give you one. Don't be surprised by someone pounding on your door at 0520. It's just me.

I'd also like to thank you because you gave me some great material for my "can't we all behave like adults?" rant for Bicycle/Pedestrian Awareness Week. ;)

Sorry dude. You honestly didn't need me being a sanctimonious wanker. (Did I spell that right?) We all make mistakes now and then. Thanks for posting yours. It helps the rest of us. We're not the only ones that are imperfect.