View Full Version : Bike move -- volunteers with cargo bikes/trailers?

07-05-2012, 06:32 AM
We're planning to help our repair guru Anthony and his crew move their household stuff across College Park on Sunday August 4th (from an apartment to a house). We've got the Ute and a couple trailers, but would be really helpful if anyone has a flat bed trailer? (PS. Rod from the MD Endomondo Bike Challenge? Is your big trailer available for borrow?)

Watch this thread or call the bike shop at 301-441-2928 for more information. We'll probably get started about 1pm with the bigger stuff, although that timing could change based on the weather! I'm in charge of pizza and cookies... -Jeff

PS. I have no idea why I posted this under classifieds. Just too early in the morning for safe posting I guess. Nothing's for sale -- just a bike move. -Jeff

08-03-2012, 07:39 PM
The meetup for the bike move on Sunday is at 1pm at Proteus bike shop. All are welcome; food is rumored. They have a lot of stuff, but only moving it about a mile (downhill in the important direction). Trailers, racks, bungees, etc. helpful. Or just tag along for the fun of it if you want! -Jeff

08-04-2012, 04:11 PM

08-05-2012, 06:40 PM

Pictures from today's bike move. Extra thanks to Rod Smith from the forum for bringing his monster trailer!

Rod Smith
08-06-2012, 07:59 PM
I'm glad I could help. Fun, unique experience, and we made short work of it.