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09-08-2010, 09:13 PM
My bike was stolen this past sunday, the night before labor day. I had it locked up, and my crappy combo lock was cut. I was pissed to find it laying on the ground, where my not cheap awesomely fun bike which I've had fun with for over 3 years was gone. It was stolen from in front of 2100 Connecticut Ave Nw, Washington DC 20008. Police report filed on the spot. It is registered in Arlington, but arlington police said since I already filed a police report in DC that they weren't going to do anything about it. Not sure if they're even updating my bike registration record as stolen. Below is a description, should anyone in bicycle land come across it...

She was a customized Haro Mary XC (the make and model of the frame) "29er" which means it is a bigger bike with 29" wheels instead of the usual 26" mountain bike wheels. It is green with a bunch of stickers on it, purple Velocity rims, disc brakes, and rapid fire shimano shifters. Alot of the components are carbon fiber: front fork, seat stem, & handlebars. Those parts alone cost alot. Other than that, it was registered w/ arlington police ~July 2007, 1 month after I bought it. For $750. I have an active case w/ DC police.

Here's to hope... this is my second stolen bike in this region

UPDATE: Here's a generic picture of the Haro frame, but I had many different upgraded parts, including a straight (no shocks) carbon fiber front fork, skinnier tires, etc etc... http://gallery.mtbr.com/data/mtbr/859/medium/IMG_5004.JPG

09-09-2010, 07:04 AM
I'm so sorry to hear aboout your bike! By the way, I recently joined Capital Bikeshare just because of this issue. When tooling around town, I'll use their bikes and docking stations instead of my bike and lock. If I ride into town, I'll either park my own bike securely in my office building or use the bike parking facility at Union Station, then grab a Bikeshare bike. No more need to worry or carry heavy locks around! And since you're new on the forum, just a tip - check your notifications at the top of the forum page from time to time, just in case someone has a message or info for you regarding your bike.