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06-20-2012, 02:21 PM
I am planning on changing tires on my Blue Norcross EX cyclocross bike. I currently have Hutchinson Toro CX, 700 X 32c tires on it. These are knobby trail specific tires that are not well suited for road riding although they aren't bad (wear fast). I am a very "where does this trail go" kind of rider so I want a tire that will handle a variety of terrain. However, the large majority of my riding occurs on the road but I want to keep some off-road ability to comfortably ride down the Mall, GTB trail, or other gravel/hardpack trail. Planning to stay with the 32c width for the extra volume it provides. I am looking for a tire gives great road performance while maintaining reasonable offroad capabilities. I don't care about mud or wet performance I don't normally ride in those conditions on purpose. I like durability as well. I hate fixing flats along the side of the road.

Tires I have considered (clinchers only please) : Conti Gatorskin (now available in 32c, but concerned about going to such a semi-slick tire), Specialized Borough CX Armadillo Elite, & Conti Speed.

I know there so many opinions on tires they become useless after awhile but I thought some local perspective on local riding might be helpful.

Thanks in advance.