View Full Version : New bike commuters from BTW 2012?

06-15-2012, 03:28 PM
Are you a new bike commuter as a result of Bike to Work day this year? How is it going? What do you like best about it? Any problems?

06-15-2012, 04:23 PM

I love it! (Well, except for That Hill.) I can confidently say that unlike on my bike commute, I have never found myself joyfully grinning while riding the Metro. I look forward to building up to the point where I can do the 20-mile round trip every day.

I also have started using my bike to get around the city on the weekends now - I often drive in with my bike and park somewhere and and then bike around to do fun things with friends as it's much easier and faster. I biked to the grocery store this week.

I am getting healthier and saving money! (Which will all be spent on a new bike.) I've met nice new people!

Only problem is that I caught a bad cold and haven't been able to ride to work for the last two weeks :(

06-16-2012, 01:47 PM
Are you a new bike commuter as a result of Bike to Work day this year? How is it going? What do you like best about it? Any problems?

Yes, BTWD day inspired me to ride more. I'm also building up to doing it on a regular basis. It's a 21 mile ride one way. I have moderate arthritis in my spine. I still have 20-30 pounds to lose to be at my ideal weight (lol, never make it).

I'm getting to where I can bike to and from. Some days I will drive down the day before, metro home, bike in the next morning, then drive home with the bike in back. This lets me bike the "easy" way in and avoid the uphill ride home. It's a nice way to split it up. Lately I've realized I can ride in (easy part), then ride home for an hour (6pm to 7pm) and catch the metro 1/2 way home. I get off work at 6, so it works out perfect. I can get even more of my ride in, but jump on to metro when I'm running out of gas.

I like that I can save so much money, enjoy my bike ride, avoid driving in the area traffic I hate so much, and avoid metro. My ride in takes me about 1:30, my metro commute takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1:15, or more if there's a problem (red line, always a problem!). So it doesn't take me too much longer. I have a shower and locker at work I can use, so that's easy too. I'm also getting a nice tan and sexy legs haha

I haven't really had any problems, other than it being a bit long of a commute, but it's still reasonable. Yes, it takes an hour longer than if I drove, but my drive is against the flow of traffic for the most part. I also really hate driving in this area, and the cost of gas and maintenance, insurance (I get a discount for fewer commute miles), and a WHOLE lot less stress. Not to mention how bad the traffic can be at times in this area, especially in the summer afternoons.

So, there are just a TON of benefits to riding for me, even at the longer distance. If I had less of a distance to ride, it would be a complete no-brainer. I have to admit that I'm very lucky with the capital crescent trail. The CCT for me is awesome, Bethesda down to Georgetown with almost zero vehicle traffic at all. The infrastructure in DC is great too. The only part of my ride that I deal with traffic is over the Anacostia, up Good Hope road and down Suitland road. I've had no issues with the traffic in that area, people are very nice and polite.