View Full Version : Easy ride on Anacostia Trails

06-11-2012, 10:09 AM
Laurie's got a couple questions about starting an easy group ride on weeknights. So this Thursday, before putluck at the bike shop, she's going to do this route, if anyone wants to join in:


Easy 9 mile ride from Proteus to Lake Artemesia and back to the shop in time for the Thursday Pot Luck at 7PM! We'll leave Proteus at 6pm, take 48th street to Hollywood (this is the hilliest part of the ride), cross rte 1 at the light and pick up the Paint Branch trail to Lake Artemesia. We can do a few laps at Lake Artemesia to bring the ride up to an even 10 miles. This will be a very relaxed pace ride. FYI - There is one pretty steep hill at the end of the trail coming up to rte 1 (there is no dishonor in walking your bike). Everyone is welcome. If you're not up to any hills at all, you can meet us on the trail at the parking lot near the College Park dog park (where Metzerott Rd.meets the trail) - between 6:05-6:10 pm - or just take a lap with us at Lake Artemesia (meet at the gate at about 6:30 pm).