View Full Version : Anyone ride a Catrike 700

05-21-2012, 09:50 PM
Here is what I'm looking at getting for the better half. Long story short she's not having much luck on two wheels and is going to miss the whole season unless I get her a few more wheels. She test drove a used one at Bikes@Vienna recently and really enjoyed it.

I have not seen her smile on a bike since her high speed faceplant on the W&OD last year.

Needless to say her confidence was shot to pieces, this is made worse by the MS and her new light carbon bike.


The thing's pretty quick, that position would take some getting used to. I love the truely mixed groupset. This one's got Sram bar end shifters, from a TT, MTB brakes with dual front discs, a MTB rear derailleur and a triple that has a super wide gear range. If you can ride over FTP it should have equal if not higher top end than my road bike I'd love to pick up a used one but there do not appear to be a lot of action in the road trikes used market.

My question to any trike riders nearby is what are you using to carry it on a car, how about storage indoors, I live in a condo where space is at a premium and I have a firm rule of bikes over a couple hundred bucks don't live outside. The thing is a little more than twice the weight of her current bike but there is no fall risk...and even if you do it is quite a short trip down.


05-22-2012, 06:31 PM
I briefly lived in the recumbent world... my ex-GF had wrist problems, and after a period of time unsuccessfully getting her happy on a bike she tried some trikes and ended up loving them (ended up with a catrike pocket). I test rode a bunch with her (and borrowed hers for my commute to work a few times). They are definitely a bit slower than a bike, but are a hell of a lot of fun. Especially on twisty descents. :D

For storage, I hung it off the ceiling by its rear wheel (same way I store my bikes). Obviously its wider, but it was no heavier than some of my MTBs.