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05-18-2012, 09:50 PM
We're thinking about doing two longer shop rides in June.

First, I'd like to do a ride down to the Air Force cycling classic, probably on June 9 for the Clarendon Cup. Any suggestions for the best places to watch? We'd probably leave College Park at about 10am, and arrive in Arlington about 11:20 or 11:30. Head back to Maryland after lunch and some race spectating. That's about a 40-mile round trip, and we'd take a pretty relaxed pace. Route would be on Anacostia trails, through NE DC, on Met Branch trail, and over the 14th street bridge to VA.

Here is the website for the Air Force races: http://www.airforcecyclingclassic.com/

Second, I'd like to go up to Baltimore on Sunday June 17 to check out the tall ships and the Blue Angels over the inner harbor/fells point, part of the 200yr anniversary of the War of 1812 festivities. Again, probably leave the shop at about 10am, get lunch and check out the inner harbor, and head back around 3 or 4pm. It's a 2.5 hour ride at a moderately brisk pace, closer to 3 hours at a relaxed pace, about 32 miles each way -- 65 miles round trip. Route would be this (http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=9217+Baltimore+Avenue,+College+Park,+MD&daddr=39.02308,-76.90658+to:39.18033,-76.73203+to:39.2224785,-76.6726104+to:S+Charles+St&hl=en&ll=39.046386,-76.754608&spn=0.219175,0.444946&sll=39.288343,-76.633759&sspn=0.109743,0.222473&geocode=FQQxUwIdgiVq-ylJP0NNBcS3iTG9bY_VHrfVIA%3BFehxUwIdrH9q-yk_YTvQj8O3iTGoJw1KK5ErNA%3BFSrYVQIdgilt-ymjGh-WKuK3iTEQ_xu58eLNxQ%3BFc58VgIdnhFu-ym5NMkOZR3IiTFiugA33hIwxQ%3BFe1vVwIdv_Nu-w&dirflg=b&mra=dme&mrsp=4&sz=12&via=1,2,3&t=m&lci=bike&z=11), which I thought was a really nice ride.

Here's the website for the Baltimore "sailabration": http://www.starspangled200.com/

Anybody interested, just follow this thread -- I'll post some updates as we get into June. For now, save the dates if you want to go! -Jeff

05-19-2012, 09:04 AM
For the Clarendon Cup, there are no bad places to watch. It's such a tight race course, that you can walk the entire thing, camp out at a corner, watch a few laps, then walk to another corner, watch a few laps. It's really one of the best races to go to because it's very hard to miss any of the very fast action. I do just recommend getting to the finish line about 10 laps before it ends so you can get a good spot to catch the ending sprint.

Some of the highlight areas are the corner by the War Memorial (Turn from Wilson onto Washington) and the corner of Highland to Washington Blvd. The Highland/Washington is a tight corner into a little incline so you hear pedals scraping, gears turning, and shouts from between the riders.

05-19-2012, 12:34 PM
The 16th of June is the Tour de Fat, and we've already committed to that. So the potential ride to Baltimore for the tall ships and Blue Angels would be Sunday June 17th.

05-25-2012, 10:55 AM
After a few beverages, we settled on a shop ride schedule for June (these rides are out of Proteus Bikes (http://facebook.com/proteusbicycles) in College Park, although folks are welcome to join along the way...)

Sunday June 3, 3pm: regular casual shop ride in the Beltsville farms and Patuxent wildlife refuge (22miles, moderate/relaxed pace, no drop, newer cyclists welcome, route (http://ridewithgps.com/routes/896301), video of the last time we did this one (https://vimeo.com/41262724))

Saturday, June 9, 10am: ride to Arlington for the Air Force Cycling Classic (40 miles roundtrip, moderate pace/no drop, but bring your Metro farecard if you're not sure about the return ride or if the weather changes)

Saturday, June 16, 8am: ride to Tour de Fat (35 miles roundtrip not including the bike parade, moderate pace/no drop, bring farecard, especially if you plan to drink!)

Sunday, June 17, 10am: ride to Baltimore for the Tall Ships/Blue Angels (65 miles roundtrip, faster pace, experienced cyclists best)

Here's my usual route to the shop from DC: http://app.strava.com/rides/9281675
And here's a video of the last bit: https://vimeo.com/38296381

Last weekend, we didn't get our act together in time to advertise it, but we had an impromptu shop ride over to Greenbelt National Park. As always, Jack led out (on the track bike)...



06-04-2012, 12:44 PM
I made a PDF of the ride route to Baltimore for the 17th, and here's a Google map link: http://goo.gl/maps/klVp