View Full Version : ABAC Meeting Summaries - Jan - May 2010

Mark Blacknell
07-12-2010, 05:11 PM
The Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee produces regular summaries of its meetings. I'm posting these in the hope that they'll provide greater public insight into the issues addressed by the committee, and that that insight will lead to greater public involvement in these issues.

A couple of notes about the summaries:

1) They may contain mistakes. Despite our best efforts, we occasionally don't notice the incorrectly spelled street name, or inadvertently swap/omit examples used in a discussion. We're always trying to improve the summaries.

2) While it's my intent to post future summaries in text form, so that a reader isn't required to go through downloading files to review the summaries, this batch is being posted in its varying formats because that's what I've got available to me. I hope that these can nonetheless provide the context of ABAC's recently considered issues to interested readers.

In the future, each month's summary will be posted in text in its own thread.