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Tim Kelley
04-03-2012, 10:07 AM
Revolution Cycles is hiring for sales staff. See below for a posting that was passed along to me. Pass it along to friends or anyone you know who might be interested:

Who we are:
Revolution Cycles is a young, growing group of bicycle retail stores in the DC area. We are obsessed with providing a great customer service experience and being an innovative organization where entrepreneurially minded individuals can work, learn and develop in a retail-based setting. Our locations in Arlington, VA and Washington, DC are hiring for part time and full time sales positions.

What we look for in a team member:
• You’re deeply passionate about cycling. You love the cycling community, people, parts and experiences.
• You’re a positive, energetic person who can work in a fast-paced environment, no micromanagement necessary.
• You can engage customers with your product knowledge and find out the customer’s needs and meet them completely.
• You allow our customers to have fun while spending time in our stores, while you take care of their bike.
• You treat fellow team members and customers with integrity and respect, and let your instincts and our culture be the guide to decision making on the floor.
• You have a vested interest in empowering the cycling communities surrounding our stores, through bike advocacy and local group events held at our store locations.
• Most importantly, you think it would be a lot of fun to sell bikes for a living!

How to Apply:
Fill in the blanks below and send the completed file & resume to hr@revolutioncycles.com.

When people ask me what I’m passionate about, I tell them about my experience ________________ and how that instilled in me a passion for _____________________. That passion fuels my need for a new work environment, where the three most important things to me will be ______________, ________________ and ____________________. At my next job, I will be able to contribute immediately by ____________________ and I will display a great deal of _____________ and ____________ when interacting with my coworkers and customers. I hope to learn ______________________ in my first year at this new job and I believe that _______________, ______________________ and ___________________ need to exist in the workplace to help me be successful. I require ________________________ from my supervisors and, in return, I give them __________________________. After my first year with the company, I’ll know that I made the right decision if I can say the following about the organization I work for: _______________________.