View Full Version : Sorry mate, I didn't see you!

Bike-Ped Manager
02-14-2012, 09:05 AM
This is the cheeky British name for the phenomena of "motion camouflage" that often automobile drivers in the vicinity of approaching motorcycles - usually with disastrous effects.
In short, a motorcycle approaching the driver head-on from a distance has little or no lateral motion relative to the driver. That causes the motorcycle to appear stationary and essentially disappears from the driver's field of view.
I'm wondering if this effect might be happening with approaching bicyclists too in similar situations. For instance: where the Custis Trail intersects Lynn Street in Rosslyn. Cyclists coming downhill towards the intersection are closing with cars that are looking to turn right across their path. Drivers may be having a hard time gauging their closing speeds or may literally not be seeing the cyclists at all.
Might be a case for further study.