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01-17-2012, 09:43 AM
We finally got a working Kilowatt electric bike (from the Clymb's sale back in November -- I would NOT recommend getting a bike from Kilowatt, given my HORRIBLE experience getting a working bike. But that's another story). I rode it to work today. I feel like I'm cheating on my Felt.

For those who've thought about trying an electric bike, here are my thoughts after 2 relatively short rides (home from the shop and to work - both basically downhill). This bike doesn't have a ton of power, but you definitely feel it kick in as you pedal. In fact, pedaling on flats feels like pedaling a normal bike downhill -- the pedal strokes are doing minimal work. It's doesn't accelerate very quickly, but I think that's for the best. Also, the electric assist doesn't kick in until you've pedaled for a full revolution - it's a nice feature, so you can readjust your pedals while you're stopped. However, I kept forgetting what gear I was in while I was going, so when I started from a stop, and the assist hasn't started, I was in the wrong gearing. But I got the pedals around once and the assist kicked in and all was good.

I'll update the review after going uphill tonight, if folks are interested. Right now my overall review is that the electric assist takes the "work" out of biking. That could be a good thing some times. That could be a bad thing some times. I did feel giddy on the bike, partly because I had that feeling of doing something "wrong" ("I'm on a bike! I'm not working to make it go fast! Whee!"). I'll probably commute on this when I'm particularly tired, or need to get around without getting sweaty or... any time I don't want to "work". But right now my ride (especially my ride home) is my daily workout, and as I mom of a toddler, it's a luxury to fit in a daily workout. So most days I'll probably stick with my Felt road bike.

Oh, another note, which is probably obvious to everyone else: when using an electric bike in the winter, you need to dress warmer than you would for a bike where you're doing work. I did not do that this morning and really wanted another layer.

Finally, for anyone familiar with this contraptions: does anyone know of panniers that work with these? The battery on ours is in the rear rack, blocking the space under the bars on the side of the rear rack. The other panniers we have clip to those bars, so they won't work on the e-bike. A quick google wasn't helpful.

Blue Eyed Devil
01-25-2012, 10:40 AM
I think your pannier predicament is trying to tell you something (hint: take the Felt! ;)) Have you thought about a trunk pack (sits atop the rear rack) and/or a frame pack (fits in the front triangle space)? Maybe not ideal, but if you don't want a backpack and your e-bike doesn't take a front rack, these may be your only options. Also, a handlebar pack, maybe in combination with one or both of the other options, would increase the carrying capacity.

Some (hopefull helpful) links below. Good luck.

Frame (front triangle) bag:


Handlebar bag:


This place has very good prices; lots more options, so have a look around there: