View Full Version : Hill Climb Series

12-15-2011, 12:02 PM
Has anyone here ever done one of these events?? Exactly how hard was it? This year I did a 750 mile tour and reached my annual mileage goal, so in 2012 I'm going to switch it up a bit. I want to finish several long single day rides, do the PMC again, and then I can't seem to shake the idea of trying one of these climbs out of my head.


I wouldn't enter one of these in any attempt to win, or even win my age group, although if they have a clydesdale category it might be interesting to see where I fall there. No, I would just want to finish.... I also did some math and mapping and realized that the only climb in this area that is even comparable to these mountains is Skyline Drive from Front Royal. And even that isn't quite steep enough for most of these climbs. I don't think I'm actually capable of doing a ride like Mt. Washington, but I think Whiteface could be a good "reward" for the hard work I'm doing this winter trying to drop some excess pounds. I don't have a superlight bike - steel tourer, but it does have low gearing at least for hauling lots of gear up mountains.

Any, I am intrigued and am interested to know if anyone has any inside info or interest in doing it this year and may want to carpool up there.