View Full Version : Thanksgiving (bike sale) leftovers

11-29-2011, 01:59 PM
My LBS has a Thanksgiving sale each year, which is usually advertised mostly to regular customers. Here are some Thanksgiving "leftovers" -- bikes that didn't get a new home this year. Some large and small sizes left over.

These are all at 50 percent off. The Dahon folding single speed bikes look like an especially good deal to me at half off. I can't really justify buying one, but I'm tempted, just cause I'd like to have one. The other Dahon is a geared transportable -- could be a good all-around bike for somebody who didn't want to leave a bike outside or didn't have a car rack. Unlike the single speeds, which are more for multi-mode or short distance commuters, the transportable needs a tool for breakdown/setup. But still, it's a complete bike that would fit in the trunk...

2 Bianchi Strada 61cm 2006 $400
1 Orbea Onix TRV 48 2010 $1300
1 Orbea Onix TRV 57 2010 $1300
1 Orbea Onix Dama T105 49 2010 $1150
1 Kona, Zing Deluxe 49 2010 $700
1 Kona, Zing Deluxe, 56 2010 $700
2 Dahon Mu Uno Shadow 2010 $289
1 Dahon, Smooth Hound Large 2010 $549
1 Kona, Blast, 19, 2010 $375
2 Kona, Blast, 22, Blast 2010 $375

I think I saw some additional Kona CX bikes, including some really large sizes, that may still be on sale (not 50% though I don't think, maybe 20 percent), but I'm not sure.

Call Proteus first, just to make sure I'm reporting correctly, and to make sure the bike you're interested in is still there. This isn't a sales offer, and I could have got the specs or prices wrong. Just a friendly heads up for fellow bike collectors. :) -Jeff

PS. Proteus Bikes is in College Park MD: 9217 Baltimore Blvd. College Park, MD 20740 301.441.2928