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04-27-2010, 03:28 PM
With how quickly this forum is likely to grow, I think it may be useful to have a single thread dedicated to introducing ourselves to our fellow forumites. It might be a cool place to mention why we joined the forum, what we enjoy riding, or any other general information.

I looked through the threads on the General Discussion forum and didn't see anything like this. Mods, if this topic already exists, I apologize for missing it, and please merge/delete this one as needed.

I'll kick us off:

I'm Zeke, and I've been living in Arlington for about a year now. I've been riding around here for about three years. I raced my first season of CX last winter (very, very slowly), and I enjoy MTB and road riding as well (also slowly). I joined the forum because I've often thought that a local riding message board would be a great idea. Arlington has such a great cycling community, and I hope that this helps us to centralize and organize.

Full disclosure: I do work, part-time, as a mechanic at Revolution Cycles. I may be a bit biased towards our shop (I help lead the group rides, and I generally think that we're pretty awesome), but I assure you that there will be no shop-spam from me :)

So, who else is out there?

04-28-2010, 07:48 AM
Good idea Zeke.

I'm PEte. I've been living in Arlington or Falls Church for 21 years. I've enjoyed watching it become a great cycling town thanks to the efforts of a lot of fantastic people.

I've been a pedalhead since I was old enough to "borrow" my neighbor's pink Schwinn and learn to ride. The last few years I've been leaving the car in the driveway and riding everywhere. These days I'm most often seen on a cargo bike. As summer rolls around I'll dig out the road bike. Not much makes me happier than taking a ride and snapping some photos.


04-28-2010, 11:02 AM
I'm Chris. I live in Reston. I got into biking after about 12 years of skateboarding (quit skating, needed an outlet for physical activity and picked up mountainbiking). When I bought my townhouse in Reston 5 years ago I decided to try bike commuting, and I ended up enjoying it a lot. From there I started dabbling in road cycling, and now I pretty much ride everything (mountainbikes, dirt jumpers, downhill, commuting and road riding).

Mark Blacknell
04-28-2010, 01:31 PM
Excellent idea, Zeke. I'm - wait for it . . . Mark. Joined the forum not too long after it was brought online by the good folks at BikeArlington. I'd met them through my work with the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee, which exists to give feedback and guidance to Arlington County on matters affecting cyclists. It is without shame that I will pitch ABAC in the future.

After moving here from Atlanta in the late 90s, I bought my first bike (as an adult) from Washington Bikes, which used to exist in a little shack in the middle of a giant parking lot that is now better known as Clarendon Commons (B&N, Apple Store, etc.). With that, I discovered the joy of commuting to school in Foggy Bottom from our place in Ashton Heights. It's been a steady progression forward since then, as my back room is now filled with bikes (each serving a purpose, really!) and my car seeing only the rarest of uses. I'm primarily riding the roads these days, and can be found hitting Hains Point at noon on a regular basis, but it's time to make a sharp swing back into the dirt if I'm going to make use of this Shenandoah Mountain 100 registration I've got . . .

Also something of a pro cycling fan. I shoot (http://blacknell.net/dynamic/2010/04/17/pro-cycling-photography/) races for a number of places and publications, but primarily for PodiumCafe.com.

06-18-2010, 07:06 AM
Just found this thread and thought I'd resurrect it. Great idea!

I'm Jimmy and I live in Falls Church. I've been in the NoVa area for 25 years now. I've enjoyed riding since I was a kid - started out like most of y'all probably did on BMX then got my drivers license and didn't get back on a bike until 2005. I bought an old Stumpy on CL, which I still have, and thought riding it on the C&O was mountain bike riding - until a buddy took me to Fountainhead. Since then I've acquired several more bikes and I've been hooked but have been doing mostly road riding b/c it's easier for me since I live right off the W&OD and I've had a couple of injuries in the past couple of years that didn't allow me to MTB ride.

I started commuting to work in 2006 and try to do it 2-3 times per week. Now that I work in Arlington, it's been much easier to do and I'm actually averaging probably 3-4 times per week.

Very nice to see a local Arlington forum - great job guys!!

06-30-2010, 06:54 AM
It was nice to meet Consularrider on the trail last night. I'd seen you a few times, but didn't put a name with the face. There's something poetic about someone riding up to you and saying, "That's a big dummy and you must be Dirt." Music to my ears. :D

Catch up with you again soon.