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Happy New Year to all,

The BAC is jumping into the New Year with a great agenda for the January meeting. The meeting will be Monday, January 7 at 7pm at 2100 Clarendon Blvd, 3rd floor conference room. All are welcome.

I will start by reviewing some of the great improvements in biking in Arlington in 2018, and set the bar for the upcoming year. Some other highlights: We'll follow up on our discussion from December about Long Bridge Park and how bikes will flow off of a future bike/ped Long Bridge and into Crystal City and Pentagon City. Parks will be on hand to discuss Banneker Park improvements. We'll also delve into one of our Priorities by discussing quick fixes for the bike network and problem intersections.

Homework for you: (1) Quick fixes: where could a small project, like a new curb cut, some paint or a sign, improve the bike network in Arlington?
(2) Problem intersections: What intersections need improvements to make the bike network in Arlington more safe and comfortable?
(3) Which Saturday in March could work for a meeting on Columbia Pike with Phoenix Bikes? Are there any public events we should schedule around?
(4) What do you want to discuss with the planning arm of Parks?

--> You can send in answers to this forum thread or on the googlegroup, or bring them to the meeting.

Preliminary Agenda:

7:00pm Call to Order; Introductions; Year in Review Gillian Burgess

7:10pm Schedule for February and March Gillian Burgess

7:20pm Boundary Change Drive Interchange/Long Bridge Park Jon Lawler and ?

7:50pm Banneker Park DPR: PDD

8:15pm Network Priorities: Quick Fixes & Problem Intersections Ritch Viola

8:40pm Other staff updates; Bike Element update Staff

8:50pm Public Comment/New Business

9:00pm Adjourn

Projects open for public comment:

Bike Element: https://bit.ly/2DjBlCD

Public Spaces Master Plan: https://bit.ly/2AIoGGZ

Arlington dockless pilot: https://bit.ly/2NLubI1

NPS: Memorial Cirle: https://bit.ly/2VtdMwW [Doesn’t work during the shutdown]

APS: Ed Center Redesign (could build protected bike lane along part of Quincy): https://bit.ly/2SCzjl8


County: https://topics.arlingtonva.us/engage/

APS: https://www.apsva.us/engage/

BAC Priorities 2018-2020

Trails: Behavior and Design

Safe Accomodation (providing safe routes when construction or maintenance takes bike facilities out of service)

Network Priorities: Columbia Pike, Lee Highway, quick fixes and problem intersections.

01-05-2019, 08:42 AM
Under the topic of topic of 2018 in review, a lot of great stuff happened. I tweeted about it, but here's the list all together, for you all:

Happy New Year #bikedc #bikeva!

2018 was a pretty great year for biking in @ArlingtonVA.

Today is the twelfth day of Christmas, so without further ado, I present you with 12 things from 2018 that made biking in Arlington, VA even more awesome!

On the twelfth day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
12 ebikes and scooters parking in a parking spot

That’s right, the dockless pilot in Arlington started in 2018, complete with innovations, like on street dockless corrals.

On the eleventh day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
11(+3) schools with bikes!

That’s right - @APSVirginia teaches kiddos to bike. 14 elementaries participated in the bike unit in 2018. https://twitter.com/BikeArlington/status/1047555180202549249

Also great: APS Go! & Champions program: https://bit.ly/2F7pDvY

On the tenth day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
10 Bicycle Advisory Committee meetings

In 2018, the BAC continued partnerships w @ArlingtonVaPD & the Pedestrian AC, & met on Columbia Pike and Lee Hwy (with @LeeHwyArlington) to focus on those areas.

On the ninth day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
9 blocks of protected bike lanes

@ArlingtonDES installed protected lanes on three different streets - Quincy, Veitch and Wilson - expanding the safe-and-comfortable bike network. And they are awesome.


In fact, those protected bike lanes on Veitch Street won readers’ choice top Urban Street Redesign of 2018 from StreetsBlogUSA. Go Arlington!

On the eighth day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
80+ cabi plus

In 2018, Capital @Bikeshare introduced some pilot ebikes into the system, which have proved to be wildly popular, if a little hard to find and have made it so more people can bike there!

On the seventh day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
7 Kidical Mass Arlington rides!

@KidicalMassArl continued its monthly(ish) events to get families biking around Arlington. These rides are the slowest, flattest, cutest social rides in the DC area!

On the sixth day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
6+ Bike stands at new Phoenix bikes

The amazing @phoenixbikes moved into their awesome new digs at the Arlington Mill Community Center & changed leadership this year.

On the fifth day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us (sing it with me)

After years of bumps, @arlparksrec repaired the Custis near McCoy Park & did it the right way. Smooth as butter! (the @ArlingtonDES Custis project was also great)

On the fourth day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
4 pit stops.

On Sept 29, @ReadyArlington hosted its first ever Disaster Relief Trials, demonstrating IRL how bikes can help in disasters. Even kiddos got in on the fun!

On the third day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
3 km of #Bike4thePike

100+ people biked together on Columbia Pike in June to demonstrate the need for safe biking options. Bonus, @susmoarlington was created!

On the second day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
2 contraflow bike lanes

Double your pleasure: 2 contraflow bike lanes now complete the 9th St S and 11/12th St S bike blvds. Contra-bike your hearts out!

On the first day of bike-mas, Arlington gave to us
1 brand-spanking new trail

It’s not often that you get brand new trail segments, but @arlparksrec opened a lovely stretch of trail along Washington Blvd between Courthouse Rd S and Towers Park.

2018 was so packed, I couldn't even slide in a mention of the new @MtVernonFriends They were also a welcome addition to the #ArlingtonBikes Family last year.

Huge thanks to those who made these improvements & make biking in Arl awesome every year: @ArlingtonVA @ArlingtonDES @arlparksrec @ReadyArlington @ArlingtonVaPD @APSVirginia @APSsaferoutes @ATPcommutes @bikeshare @PhoenixBikes @kidicalmassarl @bike4thepike @bikearlington

Also huge thanks to all of those whose support makes ArlVa a better place to live & bike: @HenryTDunbar @alongthepike @TinLizzieBikes @JuddLumberjack @DanaB20024 @grantmandsager @steveoffutt @Blacknell @gwhennigan @HainsPoint100 @SRtwofourfour @daavman @LuckyLyzzie @bikepetal

And finally to the supportive organizations and elected officials: @RosslynVA @BallstonBID @crystalcityva @ggwash @NOVA_Parks @kcristol @erik4arlington @CD4arlington @libbygarvey @Matt4Arlington @TanniaTalento @Monique4APS @NancyVanDoren @ReidForSchools @BarbaraKanninen

We have a lot to look forward to in 2019, like welcoming @BikeLeague for the National Bike Summit, and updating Arlington’s Bike Element. We've already started out with good news from @wmata

Onward and upward in 2019!


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Bump. Speak now if you have quick fix or problem intersection feedback

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If anyone can fix the title to be January 2019, that would be nice.

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