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11-18-2018, 04:20 PM
My notes from the 11-12-18 BPAC Meeting

Lt. Mayís Report:
No reportable bicycle crashes
7 Pedestrian crashes
500 N. Quaker - 25 female - one vehicle stopped and other didnít. Hit and run with arrest.
S. Whiting and Edsall - 24 male walking dog - right turning vehicle hit in crosswalk - hit and run - no arrest
5000 Seminary Rd - parking lot of southern Towers - hit and run - 59 year old female
Mt. Vernon and Glendale - 40 female - hit and run - no arrest
SW St and Prince St - Left turning vehicle
4200 Duke St - Pedestrian running across road not in crosswalk - 18 Female
S Van Dorn and Stevenson - left hand turn - 29 female

12 new officers coming over to Traffic Safety
6 Additional in December
Jim - NHTSA and MADD meeting tomorrow? - Lt. May hasnít heard of it
Casey - electronic ticketing update? - Like the vendor. A few dozen officers will test in December
Safe Streets enforcement - starting in late November -
Potomac Avenue - Is there data on location of tickets? - Itís in paper and hard to get. Do have trail information

5. City of Alexandria Complete Streets Discussion Ė Complete Streets Planner Alex Carroll
∑ Alexandria Trail Updates: Old Cameron Run Multi-Use Trail - City held kickoff meeting last week for design. Design will last until early 2020. Public meetings in spring.
- Timeline for Holmes Run Trail repair (N. Morgan segment) and trail snow-clearing plans - working on cost estimates to make repairs. Wonít be a quick fix. Will be expensive and have to determine who and how will fund it. Discussing improvements to detour alternative. Not sure on snow clearing plans yet.
∑ Safe Routes to School (SRTS) update, including the status of recommended temporary curb-extensions and plans for fixing other SRTS walk audit deficiencies. - 6 schools getting flashing school zone signage over winter
- Bikeshare e-bike pilot extended indefinitely
- Casey has been helping with bike map - will need a designer
- Seminary Road - Suspended because TransUrban is trying to open some ramps
- Mt. Vernon Complete Streets - funding for pedestrian safety improvements - design contract will be awarded in 2020
- King/Callahan/Russell - finalizing plans on that and hope to have something to present soon
- W Taylor Run and Duke - soliciting design for short term improvements. Applied VDOT grant for larger improvements
- Witt St sidewalk improvements are almost complete
- Scroggins Rd Traffic Calming - speed pillows, sidewalk gaps, curb extensions
- Franklin/Pitt Sidewalk completed
- Franklin & Lee - filled sidewalk gap
- Holmes Run Bridge opening - working on additional signage based on Caseyís suggestion, gave away helmets and safety gear
- LPI and no turn on red signage at ~24 intersections. Some can go in soon. Some will require upgrades to traffic devices
- Sunday - World Day of Remembrance - AFSS is heading it up - starts at 2:00 - walk from river to Market Street with short speech. Should be over by 3:00

BPAC meetings occur on the first Monday of the month from 7-9 at the Bradlee Safeway Community Center. Anyone interested in improving walking and biking in the city of Alexandria is welcome to attend.