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07-05-2018, 01:31 PM
The Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) will be meeting Monday, July 9 at 7 pm at the Bradlee Safeway Community Room, 3526 King Street, Alexandria.

Councilman Tim Lovain will be our guest speaker at Monday’s BPAC meeting After brief remarks, Tim Lovain will discuss any topics we are interested in and answer our questions. Tim is completing his 9th year as a member of City Council, having served from 2006 to 2009 and continuously from 2012. He Has been a champion for Complete Streets. Mr. Lovain is also immediate past chair of the Transportation Planning Board for the National Capital Region and has served as a Commissioner on the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC) since January 2016. Please plan to bring your questions about City government, Transportation, and the future of walking and biking in Alexandria to the discussion.

We are also excited to be joined on Monday by Alex Carroll, the City’s new Complete Streets Planner. Alex worked as an “Active Transportation Planner” for the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (http://alamoareampo.org/Contact-Us/planning.html) for about two years; prior to living in San Antonio, Alex was a Research Associate for the USF Center for Urban Transportation Research for about 2 years.


1. Introductions – Jim Durham, Chair
2. Secretary’s report and minutes –Zack DesJardins
3. Financial Update – Treasurer, Bradley Rawls
4. Alexandria Police Liaison Discussions –Lieutenant Mike May

• Updates on recent crashes involving people walking and biking

5. Guest Speaker: City Councilman, Tim Lovain

• Brief remarks, followed by Q&A
• Councilman Lovain is a member of the City’s Transportation Commission, and the Northern Virginia Regional Transportation Commission
• He has been Council’s leading champion for Complete Streets
6. Welcome Alex Carroll, new City of Alexandria Complete Streets Program Coordinator

• Complete Streets project updates

7. BPAC Strategic Planning and prioritization discussion

• BPAC planning meeting for members is planned for Sunday 19 August, 9AM to 4PM.
• Design Team members: Josephine Liu, Jake Jakubek, Mary-Jane Roth, Randy Cole, Eldon Boes, Andrea Kirk, Zack DesJardins, Jeremy Grandstaff , Judd Lumberjack
8. BPAC Sub-committee Reports and Discussion

• Legislative and Policy subcommittee – Zack Desjardins, Chair
• Education subcommittee - Eldon Boes, Co-Chair
• Communications - Andrea Kirk and Bob Trencheny Co-Chairs
• Infrastructure subcommittee – Ken Notis, Chair
9. Other BPAC Projects:

• Bike4thePike - a recent event in Arlington County to draw attention to biking issues on Columbia Pike. More than 100 riders participated in a 1.5 mile ride on the Pike, including many children, at two least two members of the county board and BPAC members - Bob, Judd, Josephine, Erin, Ken and Casey. Worth considering a similar walking and biking event for a safer facilities in Alexandria?
• National Park Service Trail Etiquette Meeting – Alexandria was well represented: Josephine, Judd, Erin, Eldon, and Casey, and Christine Mayeur attended. Judd has agreed to head up an effort to create a “Friends” group for the MVT. Also, Eldon, Judd, Josephine and Casey participated in pop-up events on the MVT at Jones Point Park and Dykes Marsh to promote trail etiquette, along with staff from NPS and the City.
• Press Opportunity: While BPAC has started to reach various parts of the community through bike rodeos and BITS program, we have received scant attention for those efforts. Press coverage especially leading up to safe infrastructure projects might be beneficial. While it is great to help the youth of the city be safe while riding their bikes, safe infrastructure is needed to help them get to school and to ride with parents and friends.

o At the end of the Bike4thePike, Bob T and Casey chatted with Shirley Ruhe, a free-lance reporter for the Connection newspapers, including the Alexandria Gazette Packet. She is interested in stories about Alexandria.

• Volunteers needed for a Pop-up event in Carlyle. The Carlyle Council will be sponsoring a “Cool” event on Tuesday, July 17 from 3 - 5 pm. BPAC volunteers are needed to help pass out BTWD t-shirts, bike maps and info about BPAC. If interested in helping, contact Casey caseykane50@gmail.com
• Trail Measurement and Trail Signage projects – Casey is coordinating these projects and will provide details separately
• Community Health Assessment Meeting – an opportunity work with other community members to help develop a complete picture of health in Alexandria. July 26th, 6:30 to 8:15 PM, at the Durant Center, 1605 Cameron Street.
10. Commission Liaison and Outreach

• Commission on Aging and DASH Board – David Kaplan
• Environmental Policy Commission – Eldon Boes
• Parks and Recreation Commission – Dave Levy with Eliz Wright
• Traffic and Parking Board (TPB) – Randy Cole

• No turn on red approved for bike boxes at Pickett, Cameron Station Boulevard and Jamieson as part of recent bike lane projects.
• No Turn on Red restrictions approval process updated
• Transportation Commission – Jake Jakubek

• Vision Zero Update (item D on page3): http://bit.ly/VZ2018_06Update
• Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan implementation 2-year update: http://bit.ly/BPMP2018_06Update
11. Public Comments:

Bike and Pedestrian Calendar – Please join us at one or more events!

• July 17th, Tuesday, 3 to 5 pm – Pop-up event in Carlyle
• July 26th, Thursday, 6:30 PM – 8:15 PM Community Health Assessment Meeting, Durant Recreation Center, 1605 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 . Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/community-health-cha-meeting-tickets-46146293807
• August 13th Monday, 7 pm - BPAC monthly meeting in the Bradlee Safeway Community Room
• August 19th Sunday, 9 AM to 4 PM BPAC Planning meeting – Location, TBD.