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05-11-2018, 11:17 AM
Hi All,

At the May 2018 ABAC meeting, we discussed Arlington's upcoming Capital Improvement Plan, which funds capital projects. In previous plans, funding for bike-related projects has come through various "programs" and projects, some which focus on specific projects (e.g. build the Washington Blvd Trail) and some that are general ("Trail Modernization"). We discussed suggesting that the County change its approach, to one that creates a large pot of money to fund projects that come out of the updated Bike Element of the Master Transportation Plan. This approach would allow us to fund projects according to the priority in helping create a better bike network, and would allow a more nimble, flexible process that can take advantage of opportunities that arise. For example, this year, Arlington will repave Veitch Street N and add a protected bike lane. Yet, the lane may not be fully protected because there is not money in the paving budget for a "floating bus stop". A pool of money to implement the Bike Element could provide that funding to get the full PBL installed at once.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Thanks for asking. Step one is figuring out what funding there was for bike-related projects in the last CIP (FY2017-2026). These projects are sprinkled through the CIP, so we need your help flipping through the document and consolidating information about the projects in one place, in this Google document (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wseQnwrlG2PpMJHIwlIQxcIjU4jvA_adqxg0hRLLhMg/edit?usp=sharing). I just did the 115 page "General Government" document, where I found 3 related projects in about 30 minutes. Any little bit you can do will help.

INSTRUCTIONS: Arlington's currently adopted CIP (2017-2026) can be found here: https://budget.arlingtonva.us/adopted-fy-2017-fy-2026-capital-improvement-plan/ There are 8 documents at the bottom of that page that together show the entire Capital Improvement Plan. The County's plan documents are each given a letter (document 1 is just an introduction, not substance; 2-7 are A-F and show the County's plan; 8 is the plan from APS), and the page numbers start with that letter.

TO REVIEW: Look at the list immediately below to figure out what's already been reviewed. Open a document and start on the last page already reviewed. Look through the document for projects/programs that impact the bicycle network. Those could be projects that mention bikes, but could also be projects that impact trails, roads, sidewalks, intersections, signals, signage, lighting. If you find a project, find the table that gives the name of the project (left-most column of the table) and the funding level for each year of the CIP. Copy that number and those amounts into the table below and include the page you found it on. Feel free to write any notes you feel are helpful. Feel free to be overinclusive -- if you see a program that might impact bikes, include it in this table, but write in the notes column that you're not sure.