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03-10-2018, 08:35 PM
Good evening all!

As Freezing Saddles is winding down, spring has arrived, however haltingly. That means it's time for your bike shop on the Pike, Papillon Cycles, to resume our tradition of Casual Coffee Rides, among other treats. First coffee ride de jour will be Saturday March 17, 10:30am, from the shop on Columbia Pike, Arlington. You can get to the EventBrite listing here: http://papilloncycles.com/join-us-group-rides/

Since we started this ride, our intent has been to reach out to newer riders, or those who have no interest in racing and simply want to cruise. At the very minimum, to share this simple joy of being out on 2 wheels. If we can *grow* riders who are inspired to try something more ambitious, like a century, or "certain death" on Louden County gravel...that's why we're here.

But that's not all- If there is a noteworthy ride going elsewhere, we'll trumpet it (and be there). For example, Mar 31 is BikeArlington's Notorious ARL Ride, curated and led by Henry Dunbar. And we love to help out Kidical Mass Arlington where we can. As for us, we have other notable events going this year- April 7 and April 14 will be our Cherry Blossom RAID and journey to Sakura Matsuri, respectively. (Unagi Donburi, street vendor style. Do I have your attention?) Our other traditions, the Clarendon Cup Ride, a Fireworks Ride, and our *two* Monuments at Night Rides, will continue. While we are an Arlington shop celebrating Arlington, we have been known to venture to the river, to Old Town (Alexandria), or DC. If you have a destination you want to visit, talk to us (Bobco85 took full advantage of that last year...).

Please join us!

03-17-2018, 07:31 AM
Good morning all. We are sorry to announce that today's ride is cancelled. Your Ride Leader got sick.

We *will* be picking up on these rides again in April and through the summer. In the meantime, if you can, ride somewhere today, and thank you!

03-25-2018, 06:45 PM
Good evening all! April will be here soon, warmer weather will *finally* be here as well. And Papillon Cycles has not one but two Cherry Blossom Rides going. The first, Saturday April 8, takes a scenic route (*not* Columbia Pike) across the river to East Potomac Park, a lap or two or three of Hains Point, lunch at the Wharf/Fisherman's Market, at back via Mt Vernon Trail & Four Mile Run. As the weather gods would have it, the Cherry Blossoms are projected to hit their peak that weekend. Yes, it *will* be heavily populated by tourists, but with gracefulness, finesse, and patience, we managed it before, we can do it again. The second, Saturday April 14, is a destination ride to Sakura Matsuri, the wild & vibrant Japanese/American street festival. Back on Pennsylvania Avenue again, where it belongs.

Ride info and EventBrite listing here: http://papilloncycles.com/join-us-group-rides/

Be here. Aloha.

04-06-2018, 07:19 AM
Papillon's Cherry Blossom RAID update:

Ah, living & dying by the weather forecast. As of this morning, threat of snow/rain should subside by the time we roll Saturday morning. It *will* be rather cold, so dress for 40 degree weather.

Unless there is another dramatic change... we can do this!

Saturday. 10:30am. Be there. Aloha.