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Mark Blacknell
10-03-2011, 08:49 PM
As adopted at the October 3, 2011 meeting.

Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee

Meeting Summary
August 1, 2011

Attendees: Mark Blacknell (Chair), Eric Goodman (Co-Chair Pedestrian Committee), Megan Jones, Allen Muchnick, David Goodman (Arlington County), Chris Eatough (Arlington County), Randy Swart, David Patton (Arlington County), David Kirschner (Arlington County), Angela Parrotta (Revolution Cycles), Joan Britt, James Moon, Ed Blanton, Franz Gimmler, Allan Reiter, and Dwight Hlustick.

1. Introduction: Mark Blacknell called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. and introductions were made.

2. Distribution of July Meeting Minutes: A summary of the July meeting was distributed. A few corrections were noted and these were approved with the changes.

3. Regional Issues: Allen Muchnick said that John Bollicheck is the new VDOT Bike coordinator. VDOT is doing a new study of the I-66 alternatives. The study will be for one year beginning with this past June. There will be meetings with the various representatives of different entities including local governments. The first public meeting is tentatively scheduled for early December.

VBF is planning a teleconference on bike legislation in order to avoid the problems of last year. They would also like to get bike education on college campuses.

4. Liaisons:

Pedestrian Advisory Committee - According to Eric Goodman there is some concern by committee members about some the Bikeshare docking locations since they may be too much encroachment on sidewalks. He expects these problems will be worked out.

Eric contacted Kristen Haldeman at Metro about any bike projects. In mid-Fall Metro will be approving new projects. Metro is looking at critical connections. Some improvements for bike parking at East Fall Church are needed. According to Allen, the Crystal City station needs better bike parking.

Traffic Calming: According to Dwight Hlustick there was no Traffic Calming meeting in July. However, the project for North 26th Street was approved by 75% of the affected group despite vocal opposition by a small minority. The project is in the East Falls Church area and involves one speed cushion and small nubs used to shorten crosswalk distances.

5. Trail Issues: Kevin Stalica did not make the meeting. According to Dwight, the Four Mile Run is closed at the Columbia Pike Bridge. This part of the trail has been closed for past few weeks due to the sewer relining project. The Custis Trail still has root problems despite the recent repaving project. According to David Goodman, the repaving projects are done till the end of the fiscal year due to lack of funds.

6. Bike Arlington Updates - Chris Eatough noted that the public input process for Capital Bikeshare has closed. The project is expanding, albeit slowly.

A new events coordinator is being hired by Bike Arlington. He/she will work with civic groups and community associations as well as youth groups. The job will be posted for a month.

Bike Arlington will have a booth at the Arlington County Fair from August 11 (evening) through 14. The County will need some volunteers to man the booth.

The Arlington Community Bike Ride will be on October 8 and will start from Phoenix Bike Shop at Barcroft Park. Members from the BAC were asked to serve as marshals. The ride is expected to be about 17 miles and cost $5 for adults.

The County is submitting a Bike Friendly Community application to LAB.

7. Staff Report and Issues:

Wayfinding is now with Traffic Engineering. Sign fabrication and installation seems to be a problem. Some sign templates were passed around at the meeting along with some sign locations.

According to Dave Patton, 35 new racks have been installed in Rosslyn, Courthouse, and Ballston areas. These involved mostly racks placed on old parking meter locations. The ribbon racks are being replaced at the Courthouse Metro Stop. There will be parking for 38 bikes.

The new ADA rules will be taking effect for public areas. This is a 12 year process and mainly involves improvements when existing facilities are upgraded or new facilities are built. Clear width for sidewalks is now 48 inches instead of 36 inches.

The next volunteer bike count is scheduled for September 14 and 15. Safety issues have become a concern due to the death of two County employees killed on the job as a result of accidents.

David Patton said there were significant increases above 2010 in trail use according to the automatic counters in May and June. Counters are to be installed on Key Bridge. Seven counters are presently operating in the County. In September new bike counters for street use will be arriving. The initial plan is to install these units on Wilson and Fairfax Drives.

David Goodman discussed the issue of Joyce Street under I-395. VDOT would like to make improvements in this area which would increase the width of the sidewalk to 10 feet. The concern is how the trail should be setup. Should bikes be segregated from pedestrians? Most of the BAC thought there was no reason for the segregation since the traffic volume of both bikes and pedestrians is not expected to be very high on this route. Some arterials are being resurfaced. These include Lorcom Lane, George Mason Drive (north), Lee Highway, and N. Quincy St (northbound).

8. Topical Discussions:

Mark discussed the re-engaging of NPS on safety issues along with WABA and DC. There is now a transportation scholar working with the NPS. Dave Patton has been talking with Tim Bevins, the NPS scholar. He would like to get Tim to our September meeting. This meeting is now scheduled for September 12 at 6:30 PM at Gateway Park. It would be nice to get VDOT to this meeting in order to discuss the crossing at Lynn Street for the Custis Trail.

Angela Parrota discussed the happenings at Revolution Bicycles. This included World Team Sports and Support for Soldiers with Walter Reed Hospital. She is also working with Best Buddies, which involves people with intellectual disabilities. Ladies Night Out is still going with a ride on August 25. Revolution is also supporting a League certified teaching course at GWU.

Mark also made a plea for a BAC vice chair who would take over as chair next year. Mark said this is scheduled to be his last year as chair.

Public School Bike Safety - Debbie DeFranco appears to prefer the homegrown Virginia course to the LAB curriculum.

9. Items for Future Agendas:

County Bike Ride.
Better ways to track bike projects so it's easier for the public to follow.
Traffic signal detection and timing to accommodate bicycles.

Dwight Hlustick