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Mark Blacknell
10-03-2011, 03:38 PM
[Please note - this the draft, not as adopted. Will update with corrections when available.]

Arlington Bike Advisory Committee
Draft Meeting Summary
Monday, January 3, 2011 7:00

Attendees: Mark Blacknell (Chair), Eric Goodman(Co-Chair Pedestrian Committee), Megan Jones, Steve Offutt, Allen Muchnick, David Goodman (Arlington County), Barry Skidmore, Chris Eatough (Arlington County), Randy Swart, Michael Raizen, Elizabeth Kiker, David Patton (Arlington County), David Kirschner (Arlington County), Chris Hamilton (Arlington County) Kevin Stalica (Arlington County), Ed Blanton, Brian McEntee, Mike Hanna, Franz Gimmler, Jerry King, Carl Wick, Jerry King (Alexandria), and Dwight Hlustick.

1. Introduction: Chairman Blacknell called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. and introductions were made.

2. Distribution of December Meeting Minutes: These were not distributed since there some confusion on who was taking notes. Mark will attempt to reconstruct some and will distribute later.

3. Bike Arlington Updates: Chris Eatough reported the latest information on the Capital Bikeshare system. Ridership has dropped 10-20% since the advent of winter weather. Expansion of stations is planned for 16 stations in Arlington and 20 stations in DC. Two more stations may be privately funded along with some benefits (safety courses, etc.). The cost for each station is $50,000. General siting is done by Paul DeMaio. The Arlington Transportation Department then makes the final determination on the exact station location. Chris also distributed the new brochure for the program. Chris also reported the revising of applications for bicycle friendly businesses. This will make it easier for applicants. There are 7-8 new applications that the County knows of. There will be a bike culture meeting at the end of January which will include WABA, BAC, and Arlington County. The County needs input on possible topics.

4. Trail Updates: The new snow removal policy has been approved by the County. The County has established a snow implementation planning group that has members from various County departments. Kevin handed out an information sheet discussing issues with respect to snow removal on the trails. Some salt was put down on the Custis Trail as a result of the last snowfall (which was relatively light). Kevin noted that other jurisdictions do nothing for trails as a result of any snowfall. The issue of snow removal along the Route 110 trail was brought up since there it was noted that there was no snow removal on this trail last year. In fact, VDOT dumped sow on the trail last year. Arlington has repaved this trail although it may be VDOT's jurisdiction. Kevin will look at this stretch of trail with respect to snow removal.

According to Kevin, the lifecycle report for paving has been drafted. Only $50,000/yr is currently available for trail repaving. Kevin handed out a sample table on the Custis Trail giving details on the trail conditions and maintenance costs for various sections of this trail west of Lee Highway. Correcting problems on sections of this trail is still a matter of concern for the BAC. Hopefully, the approval of the bond issues will improve the situation.

5. Staff Report and Issues:

Status of Shirlington Connector Signage David Kirschner said the County should begin installation of the new signs this week. The flashing lights for crossing Shirlington Road have been installed. The day laborers use the signal extensively. This spring the County plans to make pedestrian improvements on Shirlington Road near the Weenie Beanie. The County is also doing planning for replacing the bridge on Shirlington Road in order to provide a wider sidewalk/trail. This is a major project and will likely take a number of years before it can be implemented.

Dominion Hills Connection This is involves a trail by Powhatan Springs Park. The swim club which is adjacent to the proposed trail has not responded positively to attempts to secure cooperation to complete trail.

Meade Street Bridge Open House According to David Goodman, there is an open house on January 10 to get public comments on the Meade Street Bridge over Route 50. The discussion will center on safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists. The meeting will be at 6:30 PM at the Methodist Church in Rosslyn (Nash and Fort Myer Drive). There is no money as yet for construction.

New Route 110 Trail Still NPS issues to resolve. VDOT and NPS standards for trails are a problem. Also NPS wants an environmental assessment for an asphalt trail.

Bike/pedestrian Counting Program New units have been placed on the W&OD Trial at Bon Air Park and at near the border with Falls Church. The County has received three new units and two are working. Dave Patton is working with the manufacturer in order to get the third unit working.

6. Ad Hoc Committee Formation & Agendas:

Budget - Track the FY2012 Budget process & meetings Mark and Randy Swart will work on this.

Policy Statements:

Complete Bike Lane Striping Policy Statement Mark, Allen Muchnick and others will work on this.

Complete the Custis/W&OD/Four Mile Run Trails as Transportation Corridors Request. Mark, Steve Offutt and others will continue work on this.

Enforcement/Education - Compile best practices report for efforts with ACPD. (Elizabeth Kiker, Eric Goodman, and Megan Jones have agreed to work on this/

Meeting will be scheduled with APCD in coordination with Pedestrian and Traffic Calming committees.

7. Liaisons:

E. Falls Church Metro no report. January 18 meeting.

Pedestrian Advisory Committee Nothing to report.

Traffic Calming Committee The committee is acquiring new data for projects. A meeting with the APCD is being planned

8. Regional Issues - Allen Muchnick: Two sponsors for the three foot passing law (currently a two foot law). The following law (tailgating) in Virginia is unclear. There is no dooring law in Virginia. The proposed laws failed last year. At the end of the month there is a Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (TRB.org) in DC, which will be attended by 12,000 professionals.

Dwight Hlustick