View Full Version : October 2017 ABAC Meeting - Monday, October 2, 7pm 2100 Clarendon Blvd

10-02-2017, 01:02 PM
We have a fun-filled meeting tonight. 7pm 2100 Clarendon Blvd 3rd floor. Agenda is below. All are welcome.

On the BAC Administration item -- we're working to standardize how we get information from and give feedback to the County. We'll be talking about what kind of information we get from County staff, how we give feedback so that it gets to the right hands and can be tracked over time, and how we can weigh in on the appropriate topics. Fun stuff. There are handouts, which will be linked to on the agenda doc online (accessible via the link below).

Previously approved minutes can be found on the BAC's webpage: https://commissions.arlingtonva.us/bicycle-advisory-committee/ (https://commissions.arlingtonva.us/bicycle-advisory-committee/)

Thanks. Hope to see you there.


7:00 Introductions, etc.
7:05 Introducing GWMP MVT maintenance application
Hannah Dean, Lands Planner, George Washington Memorial Parkway (and Mt. Vernon Trail), National Park Service. (Attending remotely)
7:30 Update from BikeArlington
Henry Dunbar or Erin Potter, BikeArlington
7:35 Update on N Quincy St. repaving
Dan Nabors, DES/DOT, TE&O
7:45 Update on Custis Trail improvements and coordination
David Patton, DES/DOT, TPCPM
7:50 Update on McCoy Park Custis Trail fix (undulations)
Kevin Stalica, Department of Parks
7:55 Update on posting for bike ped Program Manager position (formerly David Goodman)
David Patton, DES/DOT, TPCPM
8:00 BAC Administration. Standardizing agenda schedule, reporting forms
- General types (ACPD, Transportation Projects, Parks Projects, Other Issues)
- Specific questions/feedback for each type
- Case study: Snow removal discussion
- Case study: 2nd Street South & South Irving
8:45 New business
9:00 Adjourn