View Full Version : Thanksgravel - Saturday, Nov. 26 out of Washington, VA

11-23-2016, 11:52 AM
If anyone's interested in working off their Turkey Day feast I'm planning a ride out of Washington, VA on Saturday, Nov. 26. The route incorporates a number of gravel roads to the south and passes through Flint Hill, Laurel Mills, Castleton, Boston, Slate Mills, Woodville, and Rock Mills. Total mileage is 52.4, 40% (21 miles) of which are on gravel roads. Including this beauty: https://goo.gl/maps/qzfa6af2Umx.

A group of us are departing DC by 8:30 in order to arrive in Washington and be prepared to roll by 10:00 or shortly thereafter. For mid-ride provisions we'll either stop at the Laurel Mills Store at mile 15.7 or the Boston General Store at mile 26 (more likely).

I'll likely ride my road bike with 28c Gravel Kings since I don't feel like swapping out the tubeless tires on my cx bike just for one ride. This may limit my ability to bomb the gravel descents like I like but whatevs, it'll still be a blast.

You can view and download the route here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17511410. Paved sections are red, gravel are blue.

Paved/gravel breakdown:
1-20 paved (Laurel Mills Store at mile 15.7)
20-25.5 gravel
25.5-30 paved (Boston General Store at mile 26)
30-34 gravel
34-34.5 paved
34.5-38 gravel
38-40.5 paved
40.5-48.5 gravel
48.5-52.3 paved

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours -- looking forward to seeing some of y'all on Saturday!